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205 Live Results: Incredible end to Dusty Rhodes Classic match; Legado del Fantasma score big win

The Dusty Cup takes over 205 Live
The Dusty Cup takes over 205 Live
Greg Bush
Modified 16 Jan 2021
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205 Live has been featuring a lot of tag team matches in the past few months, which is great because the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic would be taking over tonight. Not only that, but the Women's Dusty Classic would also take place on 205 Live next week.

We kicked off with the first of two Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic bouts. Santos Escobar, NXT Cruiserweight Champion, joined Legado Del Fantasma on their way to the ring. Their opponents? 205 Live veterans Samir and Sunil Singh, The Bollywood Boyz. Tough draw for the Singhs.

Legado Del Fantasma w/Santos Escobar vs The Bollywood Boyz on 205 Live

Sunil Singh and Raul Mendoza started the night off, with Sunil getting the better of Mendoza early. Sunil and Samir, the self-proclaimed best tag team on 205 Live, certainly had a chance to put their money where their mouths were tonight.

A monkey flip sent Mendoza into the ropes where Sunil knocked him to the floor. Mendoza rushed him and was dropped with an arm drag into an armbar. Samir tagged in, and a pair of elbow drops earned The Bollywood Boyz a one-count.

Joaquin Wilde was in next but was brought down to the mat by Samir. A drop toe hold set up a wristlock, bringing Wilde to the corner of The Singhs. The Bollywood Boyz dropped Wilde with a double hip toss, but a distraction from Mendoza allowed Wilde to spike Samir with a DDT.

Legado Del Fantasma took over from here, battering the 205 Live mainstays while his brother looked on all the way across the ring. Samir eventually sent Mendoza into Wilde and avoided an attack in the corner. All the way on the opposite side, Samir struggled to make it to his partner. Sunil tagged in and came in like a house on fire.


A series of clotheslines and a spinning heel kick rocked Wilde. Sunil took the fight to Wilde on the floor, bouncing his face off the table. Back in the ring, a diving double axe handle gave Sunil a near fall. Samir dropped Mendoza with a superplex, giving Sunil the opportunity for a diving elbow drop. Mendoza wouldn't have kicked out, so thankfully for Escobar's boys, Wilde broke it up.

After taking out Samir, Legado Del Fantasma knocked Sunil out with their running enziguri/leg sweep combination.

Results: Legado Del Fantasma defeated The Bollywood Boyz via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B

Backstage, Killian Dain was preparing for his tag team match tonight. His partner, Drake Maverick, joined him, much to his chagrin. Maverick stated that he was a "jeans guy" now, and even had new music for him and Dain. Dain, reluctantly, said he'd see Maverick out there. They face the new 205 Live duo of August Grey and Curt Stallion in our main event.

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Published 16 Jan 2021, 09:26 IST
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