205 Live Results (January 1st, 2021): Mansoor and Atlas deliver an instant classic; Ever-Rise and Stallion score big win

205 Live delivered a spectacular show to kick off 2021
205 Live delivered a spectacular show to kick off 2021
Greg Bush
Modified 02 Jan 2021
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It was the first 205 Live of 2021, and the Purple Brand delivered with both matches. In the main event, Santos Escobar's No.1 Contender joined Ever-Rise in a six-man tag team match against The Bollywood Boyz and 205 Live OG Ariya Daivari. Stallion recently returned after being injured by Legado Del Fantasma a few months back.

Could he continue to build steam towards his future NXT Cruiserweight Championship match? Could he work well with Ever-Rise of all people? Oddly enough, yes. Like a well-oiled machine. You'll have to read on to find out just how well, though.

Jake Atlas has been on a role on NXT lately, and he took on the only undefeated Superstar on 205 Live in 2020, Mansoor. Both of these men are two of the most exciting cruiserweights in WWE, and they kicked off the first 205 Live of 2021, giving us what was sure to be an epic clash.

Mansoor vs Jake Atlas on 205 Live

Mansoor took Jake Atlas to the mat early, looking to keep the quick-paced offense of his opponent from building up. Atlas managed to escape a side headlock, avoiding a clothesline with a handspring and bringing Mansoor down with an arm drag.

Both men traded arm drags, with Mansoor getting the better of Jake Atlas. 205 Live's Undefeated Superstar focused on Atlas' knee, hitting a knee breaker and locking in a modified heel hook, again trying to limit Atlas' phenomenal air game.

Mansoor was sent to the apron but leaped back in for a springboard sunset flip into a single leg Boston Crab. Atlas finally broke away and dropped Mansoor with a neck breaker. Keeping the pace slow, though, possibly making sure he doesn't stress his freshly damaged leg, opted to hold Mansoor down on the mat with a cravate.

An elbow to the back of the head seemed to wake up Mansoor, who pelted Atlas with a few kicks. However, Atlas caught a double foot shove, turning Mansoor into the ropes for an elbow strike to the back of the head. Atlas has been on the hunt for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and was proving on 205 Live that he was more than deserving of a title shot.

Mansoor's double foot kick connected, but he missed a clothesline. However, As Atlas dodged it, he landed on his left knee which immediately gave in. Mansoor followed with a chop block and a spinebuster. The Scorpion Deathlock was synched in right in the middle of the ring. Somehow, Atlas was able to get to the ropes.

Atlas caught Mansoor with a Regal Cutter. Not able to get the pinfall, he spiked Mansoor with the brainbuster. As Atlas moved to the top rope, though, he was yanked off by Mansoor who tied up Atlas's weakened leg to lock in a beautiful figure-4 pinfall.

Results: Mansoor defeated Jake Atlas via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

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Published 02 Jan 2021
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