205 Live Results: Ashante "Thee" Adonis starts year off right; Grey and Stallion score big win

205 Live stars get ready for the Dusty Rhodes Classic
205 Live stars get ready for the Dusty Rhodes Classic
Greg Bush

Welcome to another episode of WWE 205 Live. WWE continued to push the newer batch of cruiserweights tonight, with three of them getting their time to shine against veterans of the brand.

205 Live will be working with NXT over the next few weeks regarding a certain tournament that was announced earlier this week, but more on that later. Our main event featured two tag teams, Curt Stallion and August Grey and The Bollywood Boyz respectively.

We kicked things off with Ashante "Thee" Adonis and 205 Live OG Ariya Daivari. Adonis in 2020 was always on the cusp of greatness, failing until late in the year to pick up any marquee wins. Tonight, he hoped to take out one of the Purple Brand's best brawlers.

Ashante "Thee" Adonis vs Ariya Daivari on 205 Live

The resident brawler of 205 Live, Ariya Daivari, took the fight to his opponent early on. Ashante "Thee" Adonis responded with a spectacular spinebuster. Daivari found himself on the apron, and a dropkick sent him down to the floor.

Adonis drove Daivari into the ring post, but he responded by taking out his left knee. The 205 Live OG continued to weaken the leg, leaving Adonis writhing in pain.

Daivari was sent into the corner but responded with a superkick that almost took Adonis' head off. Adonis tried his best to escape the ring, and eventually launched Daivari to the ramp when he shoved the 205 Live Veteran off of a heel hook attempt. Daivari ran back into a striking combination. A float-over DDT spiked Daivari, and Adonis moved to the apron.

As Daivari stood up, he was hit by a diving crossbody. A kip-up put Adonis to his feet, but it seemed to reinjure the knee. Still, a flapjack planted Daivari, and Adonis followed up with the running hammer drop. As Adonis looked for the Long Kiss Goodnight, his knee gave out. Daivari took advantage, trapping him in the FIgure-4 Leglock.

Daivari soon lost control, with Adonis turning the hold over. Daivari escaped, but was rolled up with a sunset flip Kicking out, he planted Adonis with a uranage slam. 1-2-no, Adonis kicked out. The Hammerlock Lariat was set up, but Daivari ducked. After a schoolboy attempt, The Long Kiss Goodnight rocked Daivari.

Results: Ashante "Thee" Adonis defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

NXT GM William Regal revealed that next week NXT and 205 Live will be teaming up to present the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Some of the teams in the tournament are 205 Live talents, including Ever-RIse, The Bollywood Boyz, and August Grey and Curt Stallion. Speaking of The Singhs and Grey & Stallion, they're in the main event.

The Bollywood Boyz vs August Grey and Curt Stallion on 205 Live

August Grey and Samir Singh started things off in our 205 Live main event. Grey swung Samir's leg backward, planting him face first. An arm drag took Samir over for an armbar attempt. Curt Stallion and Sunil Singh tagged in next, with the No. 1 Contender to NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar holding the early advantage.

Countering a sunset flip, Stallion lept up for a diving double stomp. Grey tagged back in, rocking Sunil with a dropkick. Samir ran in and ate one of his own from Stallion. On the floor, though, Grey was mowed down with a clothesline from Samir, giving Sunil time to breathe. A suplex on the floor left Grey down as the ref began to count.

Samir brought Grey back in and The Bollywood Boyz began their Bollywood Stampede. The Singh Brothers brought the 205 Live newcomer over with a double suplex, and Samir tried to wear him down with a headlock. Sunil tagged in for the Bollywood Blast but knocked Curt Stallion off the apron before they hit it. Grey was crushed, but Stallion made it back in just in time to break up the pin.

Grey launched Samir into his corner with a slingshot and avoided a diving elbow from Sunil. Stallion tagged in and battered both Bollywood Boyz with his own special unorthodox offense. A double leg-trapped DDT spiked Samir, as Sunil was wiped out on the floor. Grey sent Samir over with a cradle suplex, but Samir countered Stallion's dive with his boots.

Despite that, Stallion wasn't pinned. August Grey hit the So Much Prettier, bouncing Samir's face off the mat for the win.

Results: August Grey defeated Curt Stallion via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B

Edited by Alan John


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