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WWE 205 Live Results (July 16th, 2019): Mike Kanellis gets his revenge, Chad Gable returns 

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Drew Gulak has proven himself in the eyes of the WWE Universe and Tony Nese
Drew Gulak has proven himself in the eyes of the WWE Universe and Tony Nese

At Extreme Rules, Drew Gulak defeated Tony Nese, retaining his Cruiserweight Championship and finally proving that he was deserving of the title. With the Premier Athlete in his rearview, the Submission Specialist awaits his next challenger. Who will step up to Drew Gulak?

Mike Kanellis' rage was felt last week when he interrupted a match featuring Jack Gallagher. Later on in the night, Kanellis claimed that there was more to come, as he blamed Drake Maverick for all of his issues, both personal and professional. Tonight, he had a chance to prove himself, while getting under the skin of Maverick at the same time.

We were also treated to a fantastic rematch between Chad Gable and Jack Gallagher. Back in June, the two men squared off in Gable's 205 Live debut. Tonight, both men were looking for a more definitive finish.

We kicked off 205 Live with a former Cruiserweight Champion in his own right, Akira Tozawa. Last week, the Singh Brothers laid out a harsh beatdown on The Brian Kendrick, leading to the return of Tozawa. Tonight, the Stamina Monster goes one-on-one with Samir Singh.

Akira Tozawa w/The Brian Kendrick vs Samir Singh w/Sunil Singh

Samir Singh started off strong, taking Akira Tozawa down with some kicks. However, his dancing allowed Tozawa to get back in the match, taking him to a corner and stomping a mudhole in him.

Singh pulled Tozawa face first into the turnbuckle, leaving the former champion stunned. Tozawa took some more punishment, but managed to turn some of Singh's offense into a fireman's carry facebuster. Singh rolled to the outside and walked over to the corner to avoid a suicide dive. However, Tozawa went out on the apron, and leaped onto him with a senton instead, squashing him into the barricade.


Tozawa tossed Singh back inside the ring and went up for the Senton Splash. Sunil stepped up to distract him, but was stopped by Kendrick. Tozawa leaped down and avoided a running attack from Sunil Singh, rolling him up for the win.

Results: Akira Tozawa w/The Brian Kendrick defeated Samir Singh w/Sunil Singh via pinfall.

Following the match, the Singh Brothers attempted to jump Tozawa and Kendrick. They managed to fend them off, though, leading to Tozawa and Kendrick holding their hands high in the ring as the Bollywood Stars backed up the entrance ramp.

A vignette played for Humberto Carrillo, one of 205 Live's most impressive superstars. The Luchador prides himself on keeping the lucha libre style alive in the WWE, and hopes to soon set his sights on the Cruiserweight Championship, even if that means facing his former mentor Drew Gulak.

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