205 Live Results: Drake Maverick returns; Losing streak continues

205 Live gave us two great match-ups tonight
205 Live gave us two great match-ups tonight

This week's episode of 205 Live saw the return of former General Manager Drake Maverick. The iconic underdog was back on the purple brand to take on one of the newcomers to 205 Live, Asher Hale.

Hale has added a bit of a nasty streak to his in-ring work as of late. A win over a contender like Drake Maverick could put him in line for an NXT Cruiserweight Championship match down the line.

We kicked off the night with two recent highlights of the brand, Ikemen Jiro and Grayson Waller.

Grayson Waller vs Ikemen Jiro on 205 Live

Grayson Waller had suffered two losses on 205 Live heading into tonight. Most recently, he suffered his first loss in the cruiserweight division. He needed to bounce back. Unfortunately, he was up against another 205 Live star with a lot of momentum behind them, Ikemen Jiro.

Waller was sent overhead with an arm drag and a running hurricanrana. A springboard headscissor sent Waller to the floor. However, Waller avoided a baseball slide and dropped Jiro on the floor with a flapjack.

Back in the ring, Waller hammered Jiro with knees and nearly split his opponent in two with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Jiro managed to turn things around with a spinning heel kick. Waller was locked in the Tarantula, with Ikemen breaking at the four-count. A springboard moonsault from the apron hit Waller in the ring for a near fall.

Waller avoided another diving attack, turning 205 Live's fun-loving breakout performer inside out with a leg lariat. He followed by leaping from the floor through the ropes, rolling and popping to his feet for a stunner. Jiro kicked out before being planted with a fireman's carry sit-out spinebuster.

Waller's running over-the-top Curb Stomp missed, and he was hammered with Jiro's flying roundhouse for yet another loss on 205 Live.

Results: Ikemen Jiro defeated Grayson Waller via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

Grayson Waller was on a winning streak in his first few months on 205 Live. But since losing to Odyssey Jones in an exhibition a while back, he's been unable to turn things around. What does Waller have to do to get back on track on 205 Live?

Asher Hale vs Drake Maverick on 205 Live

The former 205 Live General Manager got some love from the WWE Universe in attendance. Asher Hale let the crowd quiet down before going for a heel hook. Hale escaped a wrist lock from Drake Maverick before hunting Maverick with a Tyler Breeze-esque taunt (We miss you Tyler).

Maverick was tired of Asher's taunting and hammered the 205 Live newcomer with a series of strikes. Drake was no slouch and aimed to prove that tonight. Hale put a stop to the aggression by slinging his opponent shoulder first into the ring post.

At that point, Hale had a target, as Maverick's left shoulder was in a lot of pain. Hale dragged Maverick's head through the ropes, twisting it with a double leg neck crank. Back in the ring, Hale synched in a straight jacket choke. Maverick eventually broke away but was dropped with a backbreaker for his trouble.

Maverick finally avoided an attack in the corner, sending Hale into the ring post. He fired upon Asher with a series of kicks. A flying forearm and running bulldog set up for a diving crossbody.

After that, he was able to hit the Sliced Bread No.2. In what some may have considered an upset, Maverick picked up a win on 205 Live in a great main event.

Results: Drake Maverick defeated Asher Hale via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

If Drake Maverick is going to be a mainstay on 205 Live going forward, he's going to breathe a lot of life into this division.

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