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WWE 205 Live Results (March 13th, 2020): Team NXT brings in incredible fifth member to 10-man tag team elimination match; New feud teased

Who will join Team NXT?
Who will join Team NXT?
Greg Bush
Modified 14 Mar 2020, 08:31 IST

After months of feuding between the NXT cruiserweights and the 205 Live roster, we finally got an epic finish to the rivalry. The majority of competitors in this match have been involved in this war from the get-go. Only one we're missing is Lio Rush, who was injured by Jack Gallagher a few weeks back.

Speaking of that, NXT needed to find a fifth man for their team. Rush was originally the team captain, but in an interview last week, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott revealed that they would have no team captain going forward.

That being said, they did have a great replacement for the Man of the Hour. He wasn't lying, as they brought in the Time Splitter himself, Kushida.

Team 205 Live vs Team NXT

Tony Nese started off with Kushida. The fifth NXT team member established dominance early on, wrestling Nese to the mat and working over his arm. A handspring back elbow took Nese to his corner where he tagged in Mike Kanellis.

He didn't have much success with Kushida, as he was instantly caught in a wrist lock. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch tagged in, working over Kanellis's arm while delivering some nasty chops. One-Two tore apart the Miraculous One for some time, but a quick shot to Lorcan's jaw allowed him to bring Nese back in.

The Premier Athlete was stunned by Danny Burch, who was able to catch Nese with a mid-air leg pick, dropping him on his face. The Singh Brothers distracted him, though, allowing Nese to stay in the fight. Kanellis broke up a crossface from Burch, leading to a ten-man brawl.


In the chaos, Nese was able to lay out Burch with the Singh Camera.

First Elimination: Tony Nese defeated Danny Burch

Tyler Breeze was next, and the duo of Nese & Kanellis kept the pressure on Team NXT with a leg trip/basement dropkick combo. A drop toe hold/facebuster earned Nese a two-count. However, Jack Gallagher tagged the back of Nese, getting in against the wishes of the Team Captain.

Breeze was rolled up by Gallagher for a quick 1-2-3!

Second Elimination: Jack Gallagher defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall.

Lorcan came in, opting to go strike for strike with Gallagher. However, Nese hit a back tag on Gallagher, attempting to show him up. Because of the ongoing argument between he and Gallagher, Lorcan dropped Nese with the half-and-half suplex.


Third Elimination: Oney Lorcan defeated Tony Nese via pinfall.

Kanellis moved in to avenge his friend, trading chops with Lorcan. The Star Destroyer seemed to get the better of his opponent, but Kanellis caught him with a surprise superkick.

Nese came back in and attacked Gallagher, which saw the former champion laid out with a headbutt. Kanellis tried to interfere and was hit with one of his own, allowing Lorcan to roll him up.

Fourth Elimination: Oney Lorcan defeated Mike Kanellis.

Ariya Daivari and Brian Kendrick worked over Oney Lorcan's neck, tagging in and out for various headlocks. Lorcan broke out but was met by a nasty back elbow. A collision in the middle of the ring led to Kendrick and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott tagging in. Swerve rocked Kendrick with an uppercut and diving shot to the back of the neck.

A high kick in the ropes dazed Kendrick. However, Daivari interfered, allowing Kendrick to dump Swerve to the floor. Gallagher was in next, tagging Scott with nasty elbows and kicks.

When Daivari moved in for the kill, Scott sent him into the turnbuckle shoulder first, allowing him to take advantage of his weakened arm. A roll-up eliminated Daivari.

Fifth Elimination: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall.

Kendrick rushed in and was rolled up immediately.


Sixth Elimination: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Brian Kendrick via pinfall.

After that, Kendrick & Daivari laid out Swerve and his tag team partners. Lorcan and Kushida were launched into the table and barricade.

Kendrick took advantage, but couldn't put Scott away. When Lorcan tagged in, he was taken out with a vicious discus elbow that knocked the Star Destroyer out could.

Seventh Elimination: Jack Gallagher defeated Oney Lorcan via pinfall.

Kushida was Gallagher's next victim. A Gentleman's Dropkick nearly put the Time Splitter away. Gallagher followed up with a few submissions, but couldn't keep Kushida down. A right hand from Kushida dazed Gallagher.

Scott tagged in and connected with the House Call. Surprisingly, Gallagher was able to kick out. Pop Culture connected, and Scott tossed Gallagher up for Kushida's cross armbreaker.


Results: Kushida defeated Jack Gallagher via pinfall; Team NXT defeats Team 205 Live.

After the match however, Kushida and Scott came face to face hinting these two could actually have a feud going forward.

Published 14 Mar 2020, 08:31 IST
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