205 Live Results: Incredible end to main event; Veteran suffers shock loss

Greg Bush
Modified 20 Mar 2021
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Can the other 205 Live OG pick up a win this week?
Can the other 205 Live OG pick up a win this week?

Jake Atlas vs Tony Nese on 205 Live

The other member of the 205 Live OGs had a match tonight as well, as he went face-to-face with rising star, Jake Atlas. Tony Nese was surprised by Atlas, getting taken down to the mat first, and quite easily. He worked over the left arm of the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Every time Nese got up, he'd be brought right back down with an arm drag, with Atlas holding onto and trying to twist the arm out of the socket. Nese took a cheap shot to the throat, allowing him to hang the young star over the top rope.

The Premier Athlete of 205 Live focused on the midsection, driving Atlas into the apron and locking in somebody scissors in the ring. Atlas broke away and launched Nese over the ropes, sending him face-first into the apron. Somehow, Tony was able to recover quickly took out his opponent with a hellacious clothesline.

Nese planted Atlas with a high-angle belly-to-back suplex. Nese blocked the Tornado DDT, sending Atlas into the mat and rocked him with a superkick.

Atlas kicked out but was immediately trapped in a bear hug. Nese transitioned into a Torture Rack, but couldn't keep Atlas in it for long.

The 205 Live Veteran was spiked with a brainbuster, giving Atlas some much-needed reprieve from Nese. Atlas blocked an attack on the apron but was caught with a vicious knee as he attempted a sunset flip. Nese caught him with the springboard moonsault but still couldn't secure the win.

Atlas fired up again, hitting a great German suplex and followed it up with a discus clothesline. Atlas managed to spike Nese with the cartwheel DDT for the victory.

Results: Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A-

The 205 Live OGs went 0-2 tonight. With the main event win under Jake Atlas' belt, we'll hopefully get to see more from him in the near future.

Published 20 Mar 2021
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