WWE 205 Live Results (March 20th, 2020): One-Two split up in singles action, "Swerve" in the main event

The Star Destroyer enters Swerve's House tonight
The Star Destroyer enters Swerve's House tonight

With WWE hunkering down at the Performance Center, the cruiserweights are getting a big chance to shine. RAW, SmackDown, and NXT combined gave the WWE Universe three matches in seven hours of programming, while we got two incredibly physical brawls on 205 Live.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and Kushida emerged as the survivors of the 5-on-5 elimination tag team match last week. Representing NXT, the duo lastly eliminated Jack Gallagher to prove their dominance over the land of the cruiserweights. Tonight, Scott faced one of his partners from that match, Oney Lorcan.

Up first was Joaquin Wilde who had been involved in a rivalry with Raul Mendoza this year. However, Mendoza was kidnapped last week on NXT, so that more or less ended whatever feud they had, if it wasn't over already. Next up for Wilde? The Guvnor, Danny Burch.

Joaquin Wilde vs Danny Burch

Wilde had a hard time getting started. Burch kept him stalled out at the starting line, trapping him on the mat with some great technical prowess.

However, Wilde was able to get to the ropes, forcing the break. This allowed him to pick up the pace. However, Burch managed to pick the leg in mid-air, dropping Wilde on his face. They moved to the floor just as Aiden English revealed on commentary that they'd not heard anything from Mendoza since he'd gone missing.

Burch sent Wilde into the barricade, but Wile was able to respond with a jumping elbow off the guardrail! Back in the ring, Wilde worked over Burch's arm.

Wilde wasn't able to keep Burch off his feet for long, and the brawler battered Wilde with punches and kicks. Burch countered the Wilde Thing with a roll-up, but was caught with a rolling Code Breaker.

Wilde moved up top for a diving foot stomp. Burch avoided and hit a nasty headbutt before locking in the crossface, forcing a submission.

Results: Danny Burch defeated Joaquin Wilde via pinfall.

Swerve is on a roll!
Swerve is on a roll!

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Oney Lorcan

The Boston Brawler lost control early as Isaiah Scott took him over with a headscissors takedown. Scott worked over his arm, setting up for his arm breaker. Oney Lorcan made it to the ropes to break away from Scott's grip.

A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker earned Scott a two-count. Scott's slingshot was countered by Lorcan, though, who twisted him up in the ropes with a dragon screw. Lorcan continued to work over his leg, stretching his left knee as best as he could. Scott managed to turn a leglock into a cross armbreaker, but couldn't fully synch it in.

Lorcan continued to wear out the leg before attempting to paint brush Swerve's face. Scott sent him into the ropes and turned him inside out with a lariat. The diving elbow to the back of the neck rocked Lorcan.

A superkick on the apron left Lorcan dazed. Back inside the ring, the rolling flatliner connected. Lorcan kicked out and began firing up, lighting Scott up with chops to the chest. At the top, Scott fought off the Half-and-Half, sending Lorcan to the mat for the Swerve Stomp.

Results: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Oney Lorcan via pinfall.

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