WWE 205 Live Results (May 15th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights 

Jack Gallagher and Tony Nese put on a hard-hitting and epic main event
Jack Gallagher and Tony Nese put on a hard-hitting and epic main event

For several weeks now, 205 Live has served as a platform to teach the WWE Universe about some of its stars. Cruiserweights like Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari, and Oney Lorcan were given, essentially, thirty-minute specials to give fans a reason to tune in.

Cruiserweight action has instead been seen on NXT over the past month, with the 205 Live and NXT rosters looking to become the Interim Cruiserweight Champion. This week, we got back to the action. We kicked off the night with the return of Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. His opponent? A man we've seen several times now on RAW and NXT, Tehuti Miles.

Tyler Breeze vs Tehuti Miles

Prince Pretty had a tougher time tonight than expected
Prince Pretty had a tougher time tonight than expected

Tehuti Miles tried to catch Tyler Breeze off guard by throwing his shirt at Prince Pretty at the start of the match on 205 Live. Breeze shook off a sneak attack, sending Miles into the ropes.

The ref tried to break them up, leading to Miles catching Breeze with a cheap shot. A picture-perfect dropkick knocked Breeze to the floor. Miles mocked Breeze, hitting his classic pose in the ring. As Breeze rolled back in, he was met with a neckbreaker for a two-count on 205 Live.

Another neckbreaker connected, but Breeze refused to give in. Miles peppered the veteran with punches to the jaw. He claimed to be the real "pretty one" before slapping Breeze across the mouth.

The former fashion cop caught Tehuti Miles with a Supermodel Kick, nearly giving him a win out of nowhere. A dropkick stuns Miles. However, Miles blocks a hurricanrana, driving Breeze into the mat with a modified dominator. Breeze again kicked out at two.

Miles set up for the neckbreaker again, but Breeze reversed, planting him with an Unprettier to pick up the win on 205 Live.

Results: Tyler Breeze defeated Tehuti Miles via pinfall.

Grade: B-

This Wednesday, we'll get two more matches out of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament rather than on 205 Live. Akira Tozawa and Kushida attempt to go undefeated in their blocks, as Tozawa faces off against El Hijo del Fantasma while Kushida goes one on one with the underdog Drake Maverick. Will Maverick be able to advance to the bout for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship? We'll find out next week.

On NXT, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott made some remarks about Superstars who couldn't pick up a win in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament. Tony Nese, who went 0-3, was rightfully upset and attacked him before his bout with Jack Gallagher. This allowed Gallagher to pick up his only win of the tournament while taking Scott out of title contention.

Gallagher and Nese have a lot of history together. Recently, they came to blows in the NXT vs 205 Live ten-man tag team match a few months ago. Tonight, they finally faced off one-on-one. Would Gallagher's momentum send him into another victory, or would Nese get revenge and knock off the British brawler?

Tony Nese vs Jack Gallagher

Tony Nese struggled to deal with Jack Gallagher's aggressive style early on. The former Gentleman battered the Premier Athlete with ease, working him over with a ground and pound tactic on 205 Live.

However, Nese finally got in some offense when he countered an Irish whip into the corner. A striking combination took Gallagher to the mat. Nese overpowered Gallagher from here on out, launching Gallagher nearly out of his boots into the corner. A body slam earned the former champion a near fall. Nese immediately followed up with body scissors, continuing to wear out the mid section.

Gallagher escaped and turned around, battering Nese with rights to the jaw. Nese shoved him off, catching him coming off the ropes with a Boston Crab. Gallagher rolled in and sent Nese overhead. Back to their feet, Gallagher pelted Nese with more strikes, but was ultimately tripped up as Nese slid through the ropes.

Gallagher blocked a strike from Nese and drove him spine first into the barricade. Inside the ring, both competitors traded forearm strikes. Gallagher went low, targeting the ribs with a headbutt. Nese responded with a strike to the throat before hanging him up on the top rope.

The triangle moonsault connected, but Gallagher managed to kick out just in time. Gallagher set up for the sunset flip, but was instead driven neck first into the mat with a Sunset Driver. Again, he kicked out at two. Gallagher crawled into the corner, baiting Nese. As Nese ran in for the Running Nese, Gallagher launched himself out of the corner for a Glasgow Kiss.

Both men, barely, made it to their feet. Gallagher ran in fo the Gentleman's Dropkick, but Nese avoided it. He wasn't able to duck Gallagher's discus elbow, though, knocking him out cold. This continued the Premier Athlete's current slump in form.

Results: Jack Gallagher defeated Tony Nese via pinfall.

Grade: A

After the match, Gallagher leaned into Nese, who had just woken up, and stated, "I'm not finished yet, Mr. Nese."

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