WWE 205 Live Results (May 22nd, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

  • Isaiah "Swerve" Scott needed retribution following a disastrous 1-2 run in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament.
  • Following a crushing defeat, an NXT team got a chance to prove themselves in a rematch on 205 Live.
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Swerve had a lot to prove after a 1-2 run in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament
Swerve had a lot to prove after a 1-2 run in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament

205 Live tonight featured two fantastic matches, with one sleeper in the opening as Ever-Rise looked for redemption in a match against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

The main event featured Prince Pretty and Swerve in an instant classic. Tyler Breeze has had a pretty great run on 205 Live thus far. Isaiah Scott, while racking up a lot of wins, ended the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament at 1-2. He came into the match tonight incredibly frustrated, something Breeze was willing to work with. Could Isaiah "Swerve" Scott get back on track tonight on 205 Live?

The opener was a rematch from NXT. On Wednesday, Ever-Rise were demolished by Lorcan and Burch in minutes. Tonight, though, Chase Parker and Matt Martel had something to prove, and came in swinging.

One-Two (Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch) vs Ever-Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel)

Martel and Parker managed to get Burch into their corner, stomping the veteran out and taking the fight to the Guvnor. Burch narrowly ducked a Thesz press from Parker and picked the leg, dragging him to Oney Lorcan on 205 Live.

Lorcan hammered Parker with uppercuts and chops, but an Irish whip reversal drove Lorcan's spine into the corner. Ever-Rise set up for a tag team maneuver, but Lorcan sent Martel into the corner with an uppercut. Parker was nearly caught in a single leg Boston Crab just like Wednesday, but Martel broke it up by sending Burch into his partner on 205 Live.

With Burch disposed of, Ever-Rise continued to work over Lorcan on their half of the ring. Parker drove his elbows into the back of Lorcan's head. Martel tagged in, but was dropped with a running blockbuster.

Burch and Parker tagged in, with Burch delivering some harsh right hands to his opponent. A boot and German suplex earns Burch a nearfall. Parker escaped the Tower of London in the corner, and Ever-Rise managed to drop Burch with a fireman's carry diving backbreaker.


Oney Lorcan broke up the pinfall and took the fight to Parker on the outside. Burch trapped Martel in the crossface. Parker tried to break it up, but was caught in the single leg Boston Crab. Just like NXT, tonight ended in a double tap-out on 205 Live.

Results: One-Two defeated Ever-Rise via submission.

Grade: B+

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Published 23 May 2020, 08:34 IST
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