WWE 205 Live Results (May 29th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights 

It's a vain opening match, featuring Prince Pretty and the Premier Athlete
Greg Bush
Modified 30 May 2020
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On NXT, former 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick moved onto the finals of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. After knocking off both Kushida and Jake Atlas in a Triple Threat, Maverick's next opponent is El Hijo del Fantasma. Soon enough, we'll finally have another Cruiserweight Champion, much to the dismay of Jordan Devlin.

One of the competitors from the round-robin tournament, Tony Nese, competed in the opening match tonight. Much like his opponent Tyler Breeze, Nese needed a win, especially after leaving the tournament 0-3.

Tyler Breeze vs Tony Nese

Prince Pretty took it to the Premier Athlete early on. Tony Nese found it difficult to escape Tyler Breeze's grip, forced to stay on the mat for a while. However, he got in the match when he was able to counter a sunset flip with a spinning back kick to the jaw.

Nese tied Breeze up in the middle of the ring with body scissors, eventually moving towards a rear-naked choke. Breeze countered but was draped across the top rope by his neck.

Breeze managed to avoid the triangle moonsault. Though, Nese slid under the ropes, taking Breeze's legs out a few moments later. After connecting with the triangle moonsault, Nese earned a near fall.

Nese was caught with a surprise Big Ending from Breeze, but kicked out just in time. As Breeze moved up, he was knocked off the top rope with a rolling uppercut. Nese missed the Running Nese and had his leg wrapped around the ring post.

Breeze followed up with a single leg Boston Crab on the inside, but the former Cruiserweight Champion found a way to make it to the ropes.

Nese rolled to the floor where he was caught with a flying forearm smash from the apron. Back inside, he was able to avoid a German suplex. Landing on his feet, a double stomp to the chest of Breeze earned him yet another two-count.

As Breeze struggled to get to his feet, Nese climbed up. A dive was blocked, but Breeze would find a way to hit a spinebuster and a uranage side slam. The Unprettier was avoided, and Nese followed Breeze into the corner with a spinning back elbow. The Running Nese connected, giving Nese a much-needed victory.

Results: Tony Nese defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall.

Grade: A-

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Published 30 May 2020
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