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WWE 205 Live Results: November 7, 2018

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Buddy Murphy's first match since winning the Cruiserweight Title involved NXT UK's Mark Andrews
Buddy Murphy's first match since winning the Cruiserweight Title involved NXT UK's Mark Andrews

205 Live opened up with the weekly video recap, with GM Drake Maverick congratulating Mustafa Ali on his win last week. Ali will challenge Buddy Murphy for the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series.

TJP and Mike Bennett would face off against Lucha House Party, with the masked trio looking to get some much-needed revenge. With TJP stealing all three of their masks over the past few months, this was a must-win match for LHP.

Finally, the main event featured the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, returning to action for the first time since winning the title at WWE Super Show-Down. Murphy faced off against NXT UK and 205 Live superstar Mark Andrews. Murphy looked to build up some momentum tonight before the big title defense at Survivor Series.

TJP & Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis vs Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Kalisto)

While making his way down to the ring, TJP's recent shenanigans were replayed, showing him stealing Gran Metalik's mask last week. Lucha House Party was short a man this week, with Gran Metalik not traveling to the UK for the tour.

TJP began the match with Kalisto. The CruiserGreat quickly went after the mask of Kalisto, but the former United States Champion was able to stay one step ahead of him. Kalisto dropped TJP with a dropkick, then tagged in Dorado, and the Lucha stars delivered some unique offense, leaving TJP scrambling for the corner.

Kanellis tagged himself in but was quickly forced to the outside via a double clothesline from Dorado and Kalisto.

Kanellis and Dorado then locked up, and the Golden Lynx easily outmaneuvered his opponent. However, with a distraction from Kanellis, TJP was able to take Dorado down with a cheap shot.

The heels then began to wear down Dorado, targetting his legs in an attempt to weaken his high flying ability. Kanellis continued to overpower Dorado, connecting with two running clotheslines in the corner followed by a running big boot. Dorado kicked out at two.


Kanellis tagged TJP in, and the former Cruiserweight Champion locked Dorado down in the middle of the ring with a headlock. Lince Dorado, however, broke out and avoided an attack from TJP who went sailing over the top ropes. Dorado then caught Kanellis with a triangle dropkick before tagging in Kalisto.

Kalisto's quick feet left TJP stunned, as he connected with multiple kicks. However, a sneaky tag from Kanellis allowed the team to get the advantage yet again, dragging Kalisto out before he could connect with the kneeling rana.

Kanellis drove Kalisto into the barricade with a Russian leg sweep, then sent him back inside. Kanellis tried to keep the upper hand using his power, but Kalisto planted him with a DDT, tagging in Dorado afterward.

With TJP tagged in, Dorado easily took out his opponent with a superkick followed by three moonsaults.

That would've been it, had Kanellis not broken up the tag. However, Kanellis would pay for that move when Lince Dorado connected with a Golden Rewind on both he and TJP, sending them outside.

Kalisto and Dorado then took out their opponents with moonsaults to the outside. Dorado brought TJP in and looked to finish him off, but TJP locked in the kneebar.

Kalisto broke it up, then took Kanellis out with a suicide dive. TJP took Dorado's mask off once again but was shocked when he turned around to see that Dorado was wearing a second mask. Dorado then defeated TJP with a hurricanrana pinning combo.

Results: Lucha House Party defeated TJP and Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis.

After the match, Kanellis and TJP went to jump LHP, but Maria stopped them, seemingly wanting the duo to calm down before going back for round two.

Kalisto and Lince Dorado celebrated in the ring as Maria stood atop the ramp with her team, smiling. 

In Orlando, Florida, Cedric Alexander was training at the Performance Center, only to be insulted by Lio Rush. Rush said that the former champion needed a match with the 23-year old piece of gold, trying to goad him into a match.

It worked, however, as Rush and Alexander will face off against each other next week.

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