WWE 205 Live Results: October 10, 2018

Lio Rush came to collect another win
Lio Rush came to collect another win
Greg Bush

205 Live began with a highlight of the Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE Super Show-Down. At the event, Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander to win his first singles title in the WWE. Murphy's Law ended the Age of Alexander in Melbourne, Australia.

Tony Nese had been pestering Tony Nese over the week, leading to a main event match between the two tonight. Would the Premier Athlete be able to capitalize on Alexander's title loss, picking up the biggest win in his WWE career? 

#1. Lio Rush vs Lince Dorado

Lio Rush came out to issue his open challenge. The Man of the Hour was wearing a Bobby Lashley shirt.

Rush said that it's Rush Hour, and being the Man of the Hour, every minute is a moment to make someone famous. Rush said he was here to make someone famous tonight. Rush awaited his opponent, saying that he came to collect tonight.

Lucha House Party's theme played as Lince Dorado answered the open challenge of Lio Rush.

A cocky Lio Rush was met tit for tat by Lince Dorado, keeping up with the 23-year-old piece of gold in the early parts of the matchup.

A cheap shot from Rush would get him the early advantage, but Lince Dorado was able to stop the momentum of Rush with a hurricanrana and a tilt a-whirl-backbreaker.

Dorado slung Rush's face off of the turnbuckle, and went up high, only for Rush to cut him off, knocking him to the outside. Rush then shot out like a bullet, laying Dorado out with a suicide dive.

Rush tossed Dorado into the barricade multiple times before bringing him back in the ring for a pin attempt. The Man of the Hour forced the Golden Linx into the corner, pelting him with kicks and punches before planting him in the middle of the ring with a back suplex.

Dorado was stuck in a seated waist lock but was able to fight out of it. Rush cut off his opponent's momentum yet again with a quick combination, then went for Dorado's mask, much like TJP did a few weeks ago.

Dorado, frustrated with someone else going for his mask, took Rush down with a spinning heel kick, followed by another kick to a kneeling Rush.

The Lucha House Party member was met by Rush at the top rope but knocked off the M.O.T.H. before connecting with a high angle crossbody from the top rope. Rush kicked out at two.

Rush worked towards the ropes, avoiding Dorado's wrath, then suckered him in for a superkick to the gut. Rush followed up with the spinning back kick to the head, then brought out some unique offense with a spinning Unprettier.

Rush went for the Final Hour, but Dorado rolled out of his range, bringing the undefeated Cruiserweight in for a devastating superkick, followed by a seated senton, then the Golden Rewind.

Rush was in danger of losing his first match, but Dorado was distracted by the debut of Maria and Mike Kanellis.

Mike Kanellis knocked Dorado off the top rope, leading to a DQ finish.

Results: Lince Dorado won via DQ.

Kanellis continued to beat down Dorado, before laying him out with a swinging inverted facebuster.

Maria and Mike Kanellis then stood over Dorado, their arms raised high. 

Buddy Murphy addressed the WWE Universe, again saying that you can't stop the unstoppable. The Juggernaut said that he wouldn't be on 205 Live tonight because he's still in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Cedric Alexander was seen backstage with Mustafa Ali. Ali revealed that he'll be facing Hideo Itami in two weeks in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Ali also worried for the former Champion, believing that it's too soon to be in the ring after returning from Australia.

Alexander said he'd be fine, and that he'd be sending a message to Murphy by crushing Tony Nese.

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Edited by Daniel Wood
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