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WWE 205 Live Results: October 24, 2018

Greg Bush

The Heart of 205 Live looked to put Hideo Itami in the rearview mirror on 205 Live
The Heart of 205 Live looked to put Hideo Itami in the rearview mirror on 205 Live's 100th episode

Tonight was a history-making episode of 205 Live, as the Purple Brand finally reached episode 100. To cap off the night, Mustafa Ali would face Hideo Itami in one final match. This time, it would be Falls Count Anywhere.

Would the Heart of 205 Live finally overcome his bitter rival, or would Hideo Itami leave the Heart broken? 

Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party vs Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis

Lince Dorado, accompanied by Lucha House Party, made his way to the ring. Two weeks ago, Dorado was seconds away from ending Lio Rush's undefeated streak. However, a debuting Mike Kanellis would jump him, beating him down and leaving him face down in the middle of the ring.

Tonight, the Golden Lynx got a shot at redemption, as Mike Kanellis, with Maria by his side, made his 205 Live in-ring debut.

Dorado didn't begin the match like normal, dropping Kanellis down with a punch. Dorado wasn't playing games tonight and repeatedly took Kanellis down with a headscissors takedown and a dropkick.

Dorado attempted the Golden Rewind, but Kanellis dove out of the way, getting some advice from Maria.

Dorado went after Kanellis, but the Golden Lynx was finally knocked off his feet. Kanellis drove Dorado's neck into the second rope, attempting to take his breath away. However, some showboating from Kanellis would allow Dorado to plant him with a facebuster.

Dorado went for a dive but was stopped by Maria, which allowed Mike Kanellis to sneak in and strike him with a straight right punch to the jaw.


Kanellis worked over Dorado with repeated strikes, and slung the luchador into the corners, driving into him with a handful of clotheslines. Kanellis then took him down with a running big boot. Dorado kicked out at two.

Kanellis locked in a kneeling headlock and slammed Dorado down to the mat when he attempted to escape.

Dorado was planted in the middle of the ring with a suplex, and Kanellis continued to wear him down with more submission holds. Dorado finally escaped, catching Kanellis with a kick and nearly picking up the win with a hurricanrana. As he made it back to his feet, Kanellis met him with a superkick. Dorado kicked out again.

Kanellis began to get frustrated but saw an opportunity when Dorado found himself in the corner. He blew his opponent a kiss before going for the finish but was laid out by a wheel kick from Dorado.

The Golden Lynx began to get fired up, dropping Kanellis multiple times with some high impact kicks. Dorado avoided a body splash from Kanellis in the corner and launched him across the mat with a top rope hurricanrana.

Dorado went to slam Kanellis, but his back gave out. Dorado did manage to drop his opponent with an enziguri, then continued his assault with a bronco buster. Dorado took to the skies, only for Kanellis to dodge and drive Dorado down with a sky-high spinebuster.

Kanellis launched Dorado into the ropes, but Dorado finally connected with the Golden Rewind, following up with a dive to the outside.

Dorado rolled Kanellis inside and connected with the Shooting Star Press. However, Mike Kanellis managed to get his foot on the rope, breaking up the pin.

Out on the floor, Kanellis drove Kalisto into Gran Metalik. While Dorado took him down with a hurricanrana, he attempted to check on his LHP members, allowing Kanellis to take advantage, driving him into the mat with his spinning reverse facebuster.

Results: Mike Kanellis defeated Lince Dorado via pinfall.

Drake Maverick addressed the WWE Universe, thanking them for the support as they finally reached their 100th episode. Maverick discussed the different paths that Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami took.

Itami was a legend, whose signing became a front page news story, while Ali only made it into the Cruiserweight Classic because he was a backup.

Buddy Murphy will find a challenger next week when we figure out the next #1 contender. 

Brian Kendrick addressed Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher, revealing that next week he'll show no mercy. Gallagher and Kendrick will face off on the next episode of 205 Live.

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