WWE 205 Live Results (October 9th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Ariya Daivari looked to continue his run of dominance on 205 Live
Ariya Daivari looked to continue his run of dominance on 205 Live
Greg Bush

205 Live emanated tonight, and more than likely for the foreseeable future, from the CWC. At NXT TakeOver: 31, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott failed to capture the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Tonight we may get a look at who is next to step up to Santos Escobar.

We kicked off the night with a 205 Live rematch. Ariya Daivari, a veteran on 205 Live, took on the latest newcomer on the Purple Brand, Jake Atlas. Could Atlas pick up a win over Daivari Dinero?

Ariya Daivari vs Jake Atlas on 205 Live

Jake Atlas dragged Ariya Daivari to the floor, using the hardened steel CWC ringside area to his advantage. Daivari was bounced around ringside, off the chain link barricade and steel ramp.

Back inside, we saw why Daivari has been so successful on 205 Live. A throat chop and a hanging neckbreaker in the ropes took the air out of Atlas. A big punt kick to the chest left Atlas struggling to breathe.

Atlas was able to avoid an enziguri, but Daivari crawled beneath his legs and caught Atlas with a basement dropkick to the face. The reverse DDT planted Atlas for a two-count. Daivari continued to punish the 205 Live rookie with several chops and punches, roughing up Atlas.

A spike DDT drilled Atlas right into the mat, but he was able to kick out again. Atlas caught Daivari with a crucifix only gaining a two. Daivari shot back to his feet for a nasty lariat.

As Atlas was shot into the corner, he used the momentum to bounce back with a forearm that dropped Daivari. A back body drop, running dropkick, German suplex and corner pump kick took Daivari down for a near-fall.

A school boy nearly got Atlas the win. The speed of Atlas' offense was too much for Daivari, but once things slowed down just a tick, it was enough for him to catch Atlas with a leaping neckbreaker. The Persian Lion Splash only earned 205 Live's resident dirty brawler a two-count.

Atlas shook the Hammerlock Lariat but couldn't avoid a superkick. A pump kick response sent Daivari to the floor. As Daivari walked to the other side of the ring, Atlas changed course mid-run, launching himself at Daivari with a suicide dive.

As Atlas rolled in to take advantage, he was blindsided by Tony Nese. A running knee from the former 205 Live/NXT Cruiserweight Champion took out Atlas for the DQ.

Results: Tony Atlas defeated Ariya Daivari via DQ on 205 Live.

Grade: A

The 205 Live veterans are on the same page it seems. Daivari picked up what was left of Atlas, turning him inside out with the Hammerlock Lariat.

Could Ashante "Thee" Adonis finally knock off the 205 Live veteran Brian Kendrick?
Could Ashante "Thee" Adonis finally knock off the 205 Live veteran Brian Kendrick?

Ashante "Thee" Adonis vs The Brian Kendrick on 205 Live

At this point, Ashante "Thee" Adonis is 0-2 against the 205 Live veteran. The Brian Kendrick has had his number for quite a while, and Adonis decided to go all out from the opening seconds of the fight.

Kendrick was taken to the corner with heavy shots. A clothesline dumped him to the floor. Adonis slid out but had his foot caught in the apron, allowing Kendrick to send him into the barricade, then doing it again with a Russian leg sweep. The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion lost the upper hand back inside the ring, getting crushed with a clothesline.

Adonis escaped a Captain's Hook attempt, but was rocked with a leg lariat. Kendrick cut off Kendrick's momentum again, and hit a sky-high crossbody, setting up a spike DDT for the two. A rolling spinebuster planted the 205 Live veteran, but Kendrick again kicked out.

Adonis exclaimed that "Now is my time" but failed to hit another big move. Kendrick rocked him with four big boots to the face before locking in the Captain's Hook. Adonis momentarily escaped the hold, but Kendrick put it back on as quick as he lost it.

Kendrick was caught with a pin, nearly losing right there. Adonis ducked another Captain's Hook and hit a superkick. As Kendrick stood up, The Long Kiss Goodnight connected, giving Adonis a win over one of 205 Live's biggest stars.

Results: Ashante "Thee" Adonis defeated The Brian Kendrick via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

After the match, The Brian Kendrick shook the hand of Ashante "Thee" Adonis. The score is now 2-1, but is this the end for the hottest feud in 205 Live?

Edited by Alan John


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