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WWE 205 Live Results: September 11, 2018

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Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali made his in-ring return on 205 Live tonight!

On tonight's episode of 205 Live, Gran Metalik looks to knock off Buddy Murphy. After defeating Tony Nese, could the King of the Ropes slay the Juggernaut? Or would Murphy build steam towards his title bout at WWE Super Show-Down?

The Cruiserweight Champion was also in action tonight as Cedric Alexander teamed up with Akira Tozawa to take on Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher. Would Gulak prove he was worthy of another title shot? Did Gallagher or Tozawa steal the spotlight instead? 

Buddy Murphy vs Gran Metalik

In less than a month, Buddy Murphy gets another chance against Cedric Alexander, looking to win his first Cruiserweight Championship in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. However, he had to get past Gran Metalik, who had been extremely impressive over the past month.

Prior to the match, it was revealed that Nese and LHP were banned from ringside.

Murphy and Metalik begin with a bit of chain wrestling, attempting to get the upper hand. Metalik and Murphy seemed evenly matched. Metalik was tossed into the ropes, flipping over a clothesline from Murphy with a handspring.

Murphy finally took over the match when Metalik chased him outside, only to be struck by a vicious jab to the jaw. Murphy then tossed the Luchador around the outside, ramming him into the barricade. However, his arrogance allowed Metalik to get back into the match, dropkicking him from the inside as Murphy gloated. Metalik then hit a top rope hurricanrana to the outside, then rolled the Juggernaut in for a one-count.

Metalik found himself on the apron when Murphy slammed him face first into the turnbuckle, but Metalik kicked out of a pinfall at one.

Murphy slowed down the pace, repeatedly landing knees on Metalik's back before locking in a headlock. Murphy wore down Metalik, keeping the lock in place for a few minutes before working his way over to the turnbuckle.

Metalik fought out, only to be beaten down by the Juggernaut. Murphy set Metalik up for a superplex, but Metalik broke out, instead planting Murphy spine first with a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope!

Metalik didn't go for the cover and opted to dish out more damage. Murphy went to the corner only to be caught by an enziguri, followed by a springboard cross body and a springboard back elbow.

Metalik went for the Metalik Driver, but Murphy broke out, only to be struck by a pinpoint superkick. One moonsault from the King of the Ropes connected, but going for a second one gave Murphy time to recover, and the Australian Sensation followed his opponent to the top.

Metalik fought off Murphy once again, but when he went for a hurricanrana, Murphy countered into a powerbomb, followed by a deadlift spinning sit out powerbomb, almost getting the victory! However, Metalik, somehow, found a way to kick out.

Murphy lit Metalik up with his patented combination, but Murphy dodged the knee, attempting the Metalik Driver again. Murphy escaped, but another superkick allowed Metalik to finally land the Metalik Driver. The Juggernaut wouldn't go down that easy, as he kicked out right before the three count.

Metalik went to kick Murphy in the gut, but Murphy caught his leg, flipping him. Metalik landed on his feet but appeared to jammed his knee somewhat, allowing Murphy to capitalize with a devastating knee, then a Murphy's Law for the victory.

Results: Buddy Murphy defeated Gran Metalik via pinfall.

After the match, Buddy Murphy got a mic to address the WWE Universe. Murphy said that you can't stop the unstoppable.

"Tonight's victory," said Murphy, "is just a little step forward for when I head to WWE Super Show-down in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia...and I become the next...the NEW...WWE Cruiserweight Champion!"

After the match, Vic Joseph and the commentary team revealed that Mustafa Ali was finally medically cleared, and Drake Maverick would allow him to compete in a match tonight.

Ali's last match prior to being put on the shelf involved a brutal beatdown by Hideo Itami, which was highlighted on 205 Live.

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