205 Live Results: Superstar ends losing streak; Chaotic finish to main event

Joe Gacy battled Josh Briggs on the Main Event of 205 Live
Joe Gacy battled Josh Briggs on the Main Event of 205 Live

Ikemen Jiro vs Grayson Waller on 205 Live (continued)

As 205 Live returned from break, Jiro countered an Irish whip and looked to regain control. But Waller turned the tables on the Japanese star and tried to take advantage by grabbing his tights.

As the referee noticed it and stopped the count, Waller went on to argue with him, allowing Jiro to deliver a springboard dropkick as Waller was pushed to the outside.

Jiro followed it up with a diving Senton outside the ring. He delivered a Swanton Bomb inside the squared circle later to get a near fall as Waller just managed to grab the rope.

Jiro tried to deliver the Ikemen slash, but Waller ducked underneath it and delivered a stunner for another near fall. In the final moments of the match, Waller used a referee distraction to hit Jiro with a kick followed by a jumping stomp to secure the win. This ended his losing streak on the show.

Results: Grayson Waller defeated Ikemen Jiro via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

Joe Gacy vs Josh Briggs on 205 Live

The main event of WWE 205 Live saw two wrestlers above the 205 weight class in a hard-hitting bout.

Josh Briggs displayed his immense strength as he dominated the match early on. He knocked Gacy down with a big boot. Joe tried to make a comeback but was put down by Briggs again for a near fall.

They then threw punches at each other. Briggs delivered a few elbows, Gacy hit a dropkick and made a brief comeback. However, Briggs regained control and put Gacy into a submission move, stretching his arms.

Gacy rallied the crowd behind him and attempted to make a comeback with a few chops. However, this didn't work out as Briggs put him into submission once again.

Gacy struggled and somehow found a way to put down Briggs with a headbutt and a spinning Uranage. He delivered clothesline after clothesline and a Belly Back suplex to put Briggs down.

But in the deciding moments of the match Briggs came out of nowhere to deliver a lariat, reminiscent of the JBL's Clothesline from Hell, to secure the win.

Results: Josh Briggs defeated Joe Gacy via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

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