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WWE 2K17 Divas Roster: All Confirmed Divas

The Women's revolution takes over 2K17

The face of the Smackdown Live Women’s division, Becky Lynch, makes her 2K debut!

This can rightfully be considered as the golden age of women’s wrestling. The era of the Bras & Panties matches, swimsuit contests, throwing each other in mud and hair-pulling, is all behind now. All WWE is left with are a whole bunch of talented women with the tremendous ability to engage the audiences and put on great matches and tell great stories.

And this goes beyond just the four horsewomen. The female roster has expanded quite a bit from 2K16. Due to the NXT raid a few months ago, Asuka is now the only female on 2K17 from NXT. It wouldn't be surprising to see the likes of Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Aliyah, Nikki Glencross,etc. in 2K18, as these are the women who now have to step up to the plate in NXT and seize the opportunity. 

Perhaps one criticism of the female roster overall would be the lack of legends present, as there are just three. Victoria, Chyna, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Miss Elizabeth, Sherri Martell, Beth Pheonix and Michelle McCool would definitely be great and deserving additions to the female legends roster. However, that still should not take away from 2K’s overall accomplishment with the game.

It is well known that WWE 2K17 has an overall stacked roster, more than any of its predecessors. One of the standouts of this is the women’s division, which can be categorized into the main roster women, the NXT women, and the female legends. Let’s take a look at the deeper than before female division:

  1. Alexa Bliss
  2. Alicia Fox
  3. Alundra Blayze(Legends)
  4. Asuka(NXT)
The Empress Of Tomorrow and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka makes her 2K debut


  1. Bayley
  2. Becky Lynch
  3. Brie Bella
  4. Carmella
  5. Charlotte
  6. Dana Brooke
  7. Emma
  8. Eva Marie
  9. Lita(Legends)
    The Hugger, Raw’s latest signing is going to be in 2K17!

  10. Naomi
  11. Natalya
  12. Nia Jax (DLC NXT Women)
  13. Nikki Bella
  14. Paige
  15. Sasha Banks
    The Boss Sasha Banks will make her 2K debut

  16. Stephanie McMahon
  17. Summer Rae
  18. Tamina

Trish Stratus(Legends)

Carmella’s addition to 2K17 will undoubtedly make the game FABULOUS

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