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3 Heel/Face turns that must happen

Vijay Raman
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Best for the business should happen
Best for the business should happen

Sometimes a Superstar/ Diva needs a change in character to revitalize his/her character and not allow their gimmick to grow stale and at times it needs to happen because that is what is best for business.

In the end, the only thing that matters is the WWE creative team who have something in mind about an impending change to the on-screen character of a particular wrestler and of course, Vince Mcmahan will have a say in everything that goes around in the WWE.

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The recent heel turn of Braun Strowman could have been avoided since he was the best babyface going around and instead could have triggered a change for Roman Reigns. But that's WWE and they know better than us in what they are doing. The double turns of Lashley and Owens, on the other hand, were well received by the WWE Universe.

So here are the 3 Superstars/Divas who need to change either Heel/ Face for the sake of themselves and for the large audience who are viewing this great spectacle called WWE.

#1 Finn Balor- Heel Turn

The demon king should be back.
The demon king should be back.

Finn Balor has been one of the underutilized WWE superstars in the entire roster. He has won many laurels in the past and it is sad to see him left stranded in the mid-card. He is not even getting a notable feud in the recent months and should be holding one championship or the other in his hand at the moment.

Finn Balor's matches with Seth were awesome during their short feud for the IC title. He produced a great match for the Universal Championship. His lackluster feud with Baron Corbin has yielded nothing both the superstars.

So its about time that WWE changes the character of Finn Balor or else he could end up being a jobber without any clear direction. Heel turn for Balor is best for business and he can have fresh feuds with many of the top superstars on the roster. This could revive his persona of Demon king and even moved Smackdown Live to be in a program with AJ Styles.

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