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3 reasons why the team of Sandow/Axel is a great idea

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5.42K   //    16 May 2015, 10:48 IST

Sandow-Axel is the new tag-team in town

Both Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel have failed to reach their true potential in WWE. They have both reached moments in their career where they were popular and seemed destined for greatness but both have failed.

Sandow begun with a promising gimmick that unfortunately turned him into a complete jobber. He did win the Money in the Bank briefcase but then in a bizarre booking decision went on to lose to ‘Super Cena’ in his cash in. Sandow then floundered for months before beginning to imitate others. However he truly began gaining a large amount of popularity when he started working as the stunt double ‘Mizdow’. After his split from the Miz though WWE dropped the ball on their feud without a real payoff moment.

Axel on the other hand, started off as part of the Nexus faction which led to nowhere. Coming from a pro wrestling family he debuted again under the name ‘Curtis Axel’ and with Paul Heyman by his side he appeared destined for greatness. However after an underwhelming IC title reign the two would split and Axel was stuck aimlessly as just another jobber. A throwaway rumble moment almost led to a career resurgence as he began the Axelmania gimmick. However WWE still refused to give him any direction.

Now both Sandow and Axel are directionless due to WWE not pulling the trigger at the right moment. However their recent pairing could indeed be the key to reinventing their respective careers. Many are sceptical about the team but let’s explore 3 reasons why the pairing of Axel/Sandow could be a fantastic idea.

 Next great comedic tag team

A comedy act

Over the years, there have been a wide variety of great comedic, oddball pairings that have gone on to leave a lasting impact on the WWE universe. One of the most recent examples is Team Hell No who became hugely popular with fans and helped push Daniel Bryan to greatness.

Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel aren’t exactly a dream pairing like Cesaro/Tyson Kidd but that's exactly why they could work. Throughout WWE history there have been many teams that shouldn’t work but have like Booker T and Goldust for example.  


Sandow does make a great macho-man look-alike

One interesting aspect of the Sandow/Axel team is the throw back element. Axel has been parading around mimicking Hogan for months now with his Axelmania gimmick. Sandow meanwhile has made a name of imitating others.

So when Sandow prepared to fight Axel as ‘Macho Mandow’, a new mimic reformation of the Mega Powers seemed imminent and it is now indeed happening at Payback.

Fans love nostalgia and they may work in Sandow/Axels favour if they continue wrestling together as the ‘Meta Powers’.

Chance to shine

A chance to stand out for both performers

Something that both Axel and Sandow have struggled with is getting the opportunity to shine. Despite both becoming hugely popular at different points, the large number of other bigger stars has stopped these guys from climbing any further on the card. However as a comedic tag team they may be able to reach new heights.

Hopefully though, they won’t be overshadowed too much by the other tag teams such as Cesaro/Kidd, New Day and Lucha Dragons. Even if Axel/Sandow don’t necessarily begin competing for the tag titles they will still surely help boost the already thriving tag team division.

Also, with a tag team title elimination chamber match looming, Sandow and Axel could soon cement themselves as the next great tag team.

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