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4 Superstars that could join the Club next

This could establish them as THE force to reckon with in the WWE

Top 5 / Top 10 09 Jun 2016, 12:33 IST
Room for a 4th member?

There has been talk of more members joining The Club now that AJ Styles has become the lead villain in WWE’s attempt to recreate a New World Order. Styles, who was everyone’s newest super hero since setting foot in a WWE ring at the Royal Rumble, has completed his turn for evil just in time to face everyone’s enigma, John Cena, at Money in the Bank.

Las Vegas can’t get much bigger than it already is. Having this epic battle of two unlikely heroes on opposing sides of the ring only magnifies the new era of wrestling and how hard the McMahon family is working to change the culture of stale booking and unlikely storylines.

In my eyes, it’s working better than I had anticipated. If this is what Shane and Stephanie McMahon hope will bring the masses back to the arenas and increase ratings on television, then this is the best possible start to the post Authority era of this company.

Hallelujah! The tide is turning.

Mark Suleymanov writes in one of his latest pieces on inquistr.com that there has been a discussion of adding wrestlers to The Club. While I think that is a foregone conclusion, it may not be as black and white as it seems. If WWE books this properly – that’s a big “IF” – then the new heel faction can be the great force of evil, the kind The Shield had great success with before it disbanded. There must be baby steps in this process. Jumping in the deep end will crush this storyline. While it may not kill off any momentum of Styles, it may lessen the value of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

The creative team cannot allow this to become a mountain of problems like it became in WCW where everything turned into a spinoff of one of the greatest storylines in wrestling history. Keep the fans on the edge of their seats. Give them one little bait to swallow at a time and then hit them with one huge event after another.

If The Club is going to add new members, here are four names to consider.

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