5 Biggest Hulk Hogan moments since 2005 in the WWE


Hulk Hogan is known for creating magical moments which leave a long lasting image in the hearts of his fans. Hulk Hogan's prime was during the 80s & the 90s. After 2005, he hasn't competed many matches in WWE. But he doesn't need matches to create moments. He has the looks, mic skills and charisma which are the essential qualities for every top wrestler.

Hulk Hogan is a gifted wrestler and still remains as a major draw for the company. Whenever Hogan’s theme song hits it is certain that the fans are in for a treat. Now, here is a look at the biggest Hulkamania moments since 2005.

5. Hulk Hogan Fends Off The Great Khali (2007)

On December 10, 2007 at the Raw 15th anniversary, The Great Khali came toe to toe with the Immortal one. During that time the Punjabi Playboy was unstoppable and had crushed the likes of John Cena, Undertaker, etc. On that edition of Raw he tried to bully WWE’s resident midget Hornswoggle. 

That’s when the Hulkster entered into the mix. Hogan entered the ring to a big pop from the crowd. The two big men faced each other and showed off. Hogan managed to put the Punjabi Giant to his feet and cleared the ring. Hulk Hogan then cut a promo about the WWE fans and how much he missed them. This was a fun moment from the Hulkster after his long absence.

4. Hulk Hogan Returns to RAW and Saves HBK (2005)

In 2005 Hulk Hogan returned to WWE from TNA. On April 18 episode of Monday Night Raw, the fan favourite Shawn Michaels was manhandled by Hassan and Daivari. Hulk Hogan returned to Raw after a long time and fended off the heels like the old days.

The voice of Jerry Lawler (commentator) says it all. This is the speciality of Hulk Hogan, Whenever he enters the arena, the crowd is electrified !

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