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5 Biggest moments of Damien Sandow's WWE career

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Damien Sandow was entertaining at whatever he did

Out of the many performers who were released by WWE a week ago, one name particularly enraged many fans. And maybe rightfully so. There wasn’t any role that Damien Sandow did not make entertaining since returning to WWE as the ‘Intellectual Savior of the Masses’. Every ridiculous antic he was made to do, he did it with style and made it entertaining.

Entertainment- isn’t that the coup de maître any performer aims to achieve through their performance. Well, Sandow was one of the most entertaining superstar WWE had until Creative had nothing for him and he was barely shown on TV. Here are the 5 greatest moments from his WWE career.

#5 The Intellectual Savior of The Masses

SILENCE! Let’s recapture the awesomeness that was this character. He may be the first one who had a relevant response to the ‘What’ Chants. He would say, ”Thank you for your irrelevant opinion“. And from that moment on, one knew that he was great on the mic.

He would never miss a step on the microphone and in the world of wrestling that skill means a lot. So, it’s a travesty to understand where exactly things went awry with the way his character was being written. Did he get in trouble with the wrong people?

He was doing just fine with this gimmick and was easily one of the best promo workers in the company.

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