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5 "Freak shows" in pro-wrestling history

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David vs Goliath, big fight feeling

Throughout history, the WWE has put on some freak matches that contained anything from celebrities to elite athletes.

There is a fine line however, between bringing these stars in and making it work or having it turn into a complete flop. Fortunately, there are examples when WWE has managed to put on some entertaining matches involving celebrities.

The boxers, actors, football players or comedians involved with WWE can’t and shouldn't be made to perform a full-scale match. They are best used when they are booked more in a more believable manner.

You won't find any five-star matches here, but they'll be well-hyped and entertaining.

So here are 5 “freak show” matches that have happened in the squared circle in the past.

#5 Bam Bam Bigelow vs Lawrence Taylor

Wrestlemania 11 main event. 

The only real problem with this match was that it was the main event of Wrestlemania 11.

Had this not been booked as a WrestleMania main event, fans would look back on it a lot more fondly.

Taylor's performance was admirable considering his lack of experience. Lawrence Taylor proved again that if you are going to bring in a celebrity, it's far better if they’re an actual athlete. 


Lawrence was a Linebacker and making the transition to wrestling for this match was made a little easier for him.

Though the match was far too slowly paced, the underdog angle was played up well and featured some palpable tension. 

What was also admirable about this match was that Taylor was also one of the few celebrities in history willing to take a few good bumps during a match.

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