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5 guys we'd love to see as a surprise entrant in MITB

Whatever happened to the 7th man ?


Could there be a suprise ?

On Sunday, June 19, the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view will take place.

This year’s money in the bank ladder match was originally supposed to have 7 men battling it out for the golden ticket, which entitles them to a guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Championship title match anytime they want.

WWE seem to have changed plans at the last minute however, and have gone with just 6 men. 

This has sent the WWE fanbase crazy, with rumours and speculation about WWE maybe doing a surprise entrant angle for this year's highly anticipated ladder match.

Here we look at the top 5 guys we would like to see as the surprise entrant for the MITB ladder match.

#5 Neville

The man that gravity forgot – Neville

Neville wouldn’t exactly be everyone’s pick for this feature, but people forget exactly what Neville could bring to the table.

He is an extremely gifted competitor who hasn’t had a chance to shine at his best yet in the WWE. This could be the kind of break that he needs. There is a brand split coming and WWE need to utilise it’s best talents and create new stars, and this could be the perfect way to do it.

To some, it wouldn’t be the massive surprise everyone would expect, but it would give the potential for so much more in the future. Also Neville + Ladders = Entertainment.

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