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5 implications which suggest that NXT might fold

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is The End nearing for the developmental brand?

NXT has been the landing page for the smarks all around the world for some time now. For the people who are really vexed with the mainstreaming of content in the WWE, NXT has been an absolute boon. NXT, with its mainstream free content, has captured the hearts of millions of fans and has made a huge impact in the wrestling community of late. But, is that dreamland going to be demolished soon?

Recently, there are speculations floating around that NXT might be soon coming to an end. The developmental brand could possibly fold to give way to the brand split that has been making waves among the wrestling community now. Though there is no clear indication that NXT will end, these rumours may have some grain of truth if you consider the following reasons.

These five reasons may stand alone when we look overall. But when we bring them under one roof, the result might just hint a major shocker we can receive in the upcoming weeks.

#5 Triple H’s cryptic tweet and the lack of advertisement

Let’s get the obvious one out first. This whole debacle started with Triple H’s cryptic tweet. The following tweet by Triple H kickstarted the whole speculation.


As you can see, this might probably be an reference by Triple H to indicate that the developmental brand might be coming to an end. Though this seems more like a marketing stunt, combine this with the fact that recently removed TakeOver: Brooklyn from their scheduled events and this might just make sense. TakeOver: Brooklyn was scheduled to take place after the date when then brand split will come into effect.

Moreover, the final advertised dates for NXT’s live events too end just before July 19, which is the date the brand split will come into effect. One might argue that WWE would have felt announcing dates after July 19 would be too early in advance to announce. But, it stands to reason that there might just be a possibility that the developmental brand will be no more.

Below are last advertised dates for NXT live events.

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