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5 most unbearable WWE storylines

Pratyay Ghosh
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Some storylines are so bad that they make us ask ourselves why we watch

For every wrestling storyline that gives us moments which stay etched in our memories forever, there are dozens of storylines so unbearable that we wish they’d never happened. For every Daniel Bryan vs The Authority storyline, there’s a Katie Vick hanging right around the corner. When WWE get it right, it’s absolutely phenomenal to watch, when they don’t it can be bad, really bad.

From all the countless unbearable storylines over the years from Torrie Wilson’s father, Vince and Shane taking on God to Snitsky punting the baby etc., here are the 5 most unbearable storylines in WWE history.

5: Fake Razor and Fake Diesel

Kane’s initial run as fake Diesel wasn’t something to be proud of

The year was 1996. Kevin Nash and Razor Ramon had signed for Vince’s rivals over at WCW and things were not looking bright for the WWE. At this point, it seems that Vince wanted to prove a point that wrestlers were actually just characters he owned.

When a fake Diesel and fake Razor Ramon showed up on WWE programming at the same time that Nash and Hall were on WCW tv, things went bizarre for a while. A heel Jim Ross even supported them. The highest point of the fake twosome’s career was a shot at the tag-team titles before they slowly disappeared from WWE programming.

Luckily for fake Diesel, he went on to achieve success later as Kane.

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