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5 reasons why Teddy Long should be the GM of SmackDown

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3.29K   //    08 Jun 2016, 15:57 IST
Well, that’s an absolute shocker!

The biggest highlight from RAW this week was the return of Theodore Long, popularly known as Teddy Long. This former GM of SmackDown made his way to the WWE arena at Oklahoma and claimed that he would love to once again run SmackDown, which obviously was a surprise.

When the world is busy speculating whether Shane or Steph would run the sister show, Teddy Long's return obviously was a game changer. Looking at this in yet another prospect would make you realize that this indeed was best for business as of now. As part of this slideshow, let us have a look at 5 reasons why Teddy Long should take control of the rejuvenated SmackDown-


He enjoyed a six year term as the GM of SmackDown

This right here is an individual who was the only person in the history of the company to serve as the General Manager of a WWE show for two terms - And you can't teach that! A man known for variety, fun, work ethic and loads of creativity! Teddy Long has served as the GM of SmackDown for 6 years and don't get me wrong when I say this- SmackDown was it's very best during Teddy's reign as the GM.

A manager who has been an ardent supporter of faces in WWE and who always gave heels the worst they ever expected and the only GM who has given the WWE universe the best of the matches they could imagine on a weekly show – well, Teddy has it all! On any given day, in a corporate organization, experience matters and something like this is needed for SmackDown just after its re-birth.

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