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5 reasons fans still love The Undertaker

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Even after 26 years, The Undertaker remains one of the most loved characters of all time

At some point, Undertaker is going to hang up his boots. The man who returns to action every WrestleMania shrouded in darkness and mystery, has been a mainstay with WWE since 1990. To put that in perspective, I had just started college when the Dead Man made his first appearance in Vince McMahon’s neighbourhood.

Undertaker is one of the most respected men in the locker room, the most tenured wrestler on the company roster and one individual whose shtick doesn’t get old. It’s not about changing the format, although the company toyed with that a bit (The American Bad Ass), it’s all about giving the fans what they want.

Somethings get better with age. Regardless of rumours and pictures of the 51-year-old hobbling around, he still answers the bell and gives one hell of a performance.

When the time comes and he does have his final match, a chapter of WWE and wrestling history will be closed. One which cannot be repeated or filled no matter how hard WWE tries with incarnations of other superstars.

One of the last connections to WWF, The Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression is close to the end. Still, fans come out in droves to see The Undertaker, knowing it might be his last ride in a wrestling ring.

Here are five reasons the fans still love Undertaker.

#1 Hello darkness, my old friend

There is no one with a darker side than the Dead Man

The look sums everything up. There is a darkness that’s now synonymous with Undertaker which the fans just love.

His cryptic entrance music, the black costume, the fire and brimstone; all of it is carefully orchestrated to make him the ‘baddest’, most evil man to walk the planet.

And even in that kind of character, he is still one of the most popular babyfaces of all time.

Regardless of how many different eras there have been in his time in the company, the adaptation of his character remains true in any situation.

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