5 of the scariest & creepiest characters in WWE history

These WWE Superstars struck fear in the hearts of all those who were captivated by their prescence.
These WWE Superstars struck fear in the hearts of all those who were captivated by their prescence.

WWE is home to some of the scariest, creepiest, and sometimes frightening superstars in the world of pro wrestling and sports entertainment. These characters put fear into the hearts and minds of all who had the courage to admire and be fascinated with these stars.

Children often cried and cowered in fear. Some adults were freaked out or taken aback by how believably these characters were portrayed on WWE television. The impact these characters have left on the wrestling world will always be remembered.

Let's take a look at five of the scariest characters in WWE history.

#5. I’m The Boogeyman… And I’m Coming to Getcha

The Boogeyman may very well be one of the most frightening yet disgusting characters you’ll ever come across on WWE television.

The way he would crawl down the stage, smash a clock over his head and eat live worms is pretty scary. He would freak out anyone who would dare to cross his path.

The Boogeyman may not have been a champion in WWE, but he certainly won gold by terrorizing wrestling fans with his supernatural gimmick and grossing out his opponents.

#4. He’s got the whole world in his hands

Whether you know him as the Eater of Worlds or The Fiend, one thing is for certain, Bray Wyatt had one of the most frightening in-ring personas in recent memory.

Drawing on the inspiration from Mick Foley’s 'Mankind' persona and a sprinkle of Waylon Mercy thrown in, along with Wyatt’s own creativity, who stopped at nothing to hurt anyone that faced him.

The ominous, creepy music and the Fiend mask was truly the face of fear itself. The psychology behind this mastermind who portrayed himself as a rehabilitated children’s show host with the 'Firefly Funhouse' show to convince others to join his cult and follow him.

The genius and methods behind Wyatt’s madness is what made him one of the scariest performers in company history.

#3. Never trust a Snake

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts may not have worn a creepy mask or eaten worms, but he sure as heck creeped you out with his dark and brooding presence. Roberts loves to use the art of psychology and mind games to drive his opponents insane.

If that didn’t scare you, then his pet snake named 'Damien' may do the trick. After laying out his opponent with the DDT, Roberts would place Damien across his opponent’s body to add salt to the wound.

Roberts may come across as just a regular guy, but he could be an evil man that when he speaks, you open up your ears and listen to every word he says. To date, no one has mastered in-ring psychology and psychological warfare like Jake Roberts.

#2. One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind

Mick Foley may have dreamed of being a ladies' man as Dude Love. He was a crazy hardcore cat as Cactus Jack. However, it was Mankind that took things to another level of insanity.

Mankind lived in a hot boiling room, ripping his hair out and screaming mommy. He was mentally unstable, giving patients who were diagnosed with schizophrenia seem normal in comparison to his crazy outlook on life.

To top it off, Mankind used the Mandible Claw to gag and push his opponents into submission. He sacrificed his body and soul for the pro wrestling business, as his legendary rivalry with The Undertaker led to Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy becoming one of the greatest WWE Legends of all time.

#1. WWE's Legendary Deadman

The Undertaker is undoubtedly the definition of a scary character in WWE. His character has changed and evolved over the years since 1990, but the original Western Mortician style is what set Taker apart from the rest.

The Phenom was a dead man who acted like a real-life zombie who put his opponents in body bags after delivering his devastating Tombstone Piledriver. To complete the gimmick, he had the late Paul Bearer on this side, giving Taker his “power” through the urn whenever Taker was in trouble.

Simply put, The Undertaker is one of the scariest and creepiest icons in WWE history.

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