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5 wrestlers that were bullied by JBL

Sammy Sheeran
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The “wrestling god” aka wrestling bully, JBL

JBL throught his career has had many accomplishments including, a long WWE championship reign in 2004/2005 (which he recieved because apparently HHH didnt want to work Tuesday nights, so they say) and was a memeber of the APA tag team alongside Farooq, which was a very popular tag team throught the attitude era.

He has made a name for himself in the backstage area and even appointed himself as the unofficial “enforcer” of the locker room; a position that was commanded by the Undertaker for years. 

Unfortunately over the years, JBL has taken the privilege of being a leader in the locker room to levels that are border on just plain bullying. 

From wrestlers to commentators JBL has had no problems telling people exactly what he thought of them and has had no problems, in some cases, even addmiting he has bullied people in the past.

So much for the WWE’s anti-bullying stance right?

Here are 5 wrestlers that were bullied by JBL.

#5 Mark Henry

The “worlds strongest man” Mark Henry

Mark Henry has gone on record saying that he had a problem with JBL when he first started out in the WWE. 

JBL used to pick on Mark which is funny considering that he was the worlds strongest man (apparently), but Henry understood that “ribbing” is just a part of wrestling and that he was still young in the industry.

He has gone on record stating that JBL would put his wrestling gear in plastic bags and throw it in the showers and other “stupid stuff” as he has put it himself.

Mark now has a new found respect for JBL, which is rather odd seeing as the man would make him wrestle in soggy clothes.

Come on Mark, you’re supposed to be the worlds strongest man!

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