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7 Worst wrestling characters in WWE history

Even in WWE, there are wrestlers who are just plain awful.

The Hornswoggle gimmick lasted longer than it probably should have in WWE

Not everyone is an overnight success in WWE. I still have images of Rocky Maivia walking into an arena in his first match on television. While the Great One – who would later go on to become The Rock – earned his first win in the company, it wasn’t the electrifying show we are now used to seeing from one of the greatest to ever get in a ring.

Wrestlers over the years find their niche, but for some, it doesn’t happen right out of the gate. For some, it’s a bad start that continues to get worse. For years, we have written lists of the greatest professional wrestlers, but this time, I am putting a new twist on it.

There is no formula for what makes up the worst wrestling characters in WWE history. There is quite a discussion to be had. Of course, no matter how you create a list like this, there will always be a debate. So, here are the seven of the worst wrestling characters in WWE history.

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