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WWE Backlash 2016: 5 Things that should happen at the PPV

SmackDown Live's first pay-per-view has a chance to be very good on Sunday night.

Let’s see how Smackdown Live does with a pay-per-view all to its own

Now we get to see if Smackdown Live can produce a pay-per-view on its own that will leave us wanting more.

There is the slightest margin for error on Sunday night, with Smackdown Live’s version of Backlash, where the brand will have matches solely based on its roster. I’m not sure who is winning the “war” on weekly television as each has their own successes and failures, but this has a chance to be a very good event.

Like many of you, I am still getting used to the notion of one wrestler, one brand, one title, etc. It’s hard at times to watch (and listen for that matter) and understand Dean Ambrose or AJ Styles won’t face Seth Rollins or the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar won’t walk on stage and give an F5 to Dolph Ziggler.

There seems to be an unbalanced roster when it comes to the promotion and Raw, but it is what it is. Now, the promotion that has been treated like the red-headed stepchild of the company has a chance to prove itself in a big way. Six matches have been announced, all impact the title scene and the next three months moving forward. Here are five things that should happen at Backlash on Sunday.

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