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Batista disses Vince McMahon over Titus O'Neil's suspension

Shots have been fired courtesy of the Animal which would piss the boss off.

News 24 Feb 2016, 18:58 IST
The Evolution on top of a deadweight Roman Reigns

– Batista has been a fiery character in the ring and outside the ring. Batista has had a successful career with the WWE and has transitioned extremely well to the Hollywood. Batista, who is a multiple time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, spoke about his good friend Titus O’Neil to TMZ.

Titus O’Neil was unfortunately suspended from the WWE for 60 days after an incident during Daniel Bryan’s retirement. Titus was seen pulling back Vince McMahon, which almost flung Vince and took him by surprise. Vince was extremely unhappy and wanted to fire O’Neil as he did not behave properly, during what was an emotional send off for Daniel Bryan. 

Batista, when asked about this had a strong opinion, said, “Vince has always been playful and so Titus did what he did. Even if it was at the wrong time, it’s a one on one conversation. All of a sudden don’t turn into someone’s boss because you didn’t like the way you were touched.”

He said in a foul-mouthed rant that Titus O’Neil got double f****d because he not only got suspended but also got his Wrestlemania moment taken away from him.

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