WWE Battleground: Live coverage and results - July 20, 2014

Pritam Sharma
WWE Battleground

08:20 am IST – A RKO on Roman Reigns, John Cena AAs Randy Orton on top of Kane, pins Kane and win it. John Cena retains the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

08:17 am IST – Spear on Kane by Reigns, goes for the pin, saved by Cena. Then Saved by Reigns. Then saved by Kane. It looks like a three people match now.

08:14 am IST – Superman punch on Cena by Reigns and a spear to follow. Kane saves it!

08:12 am IST – John Cena and Roman Reigns exchange blows for the first time in 12 minutes since the match started.

08:11 am IST – John Cena goes for STF on Randy Orton, but he survives, thanks to Roman Reigns.

08:10 am IST – Meanwhile, Paul Heyman is upto something. He is on for β€œPlan C”.

08:07 am IST – Well the truce is over it seems. Orton wanted Kane to watch his back but disagreement and the match is now a Fatal 4 Way in the right sense.

08:04 am IST – Randy Orton and Kane working as a team here. Whenever Orton goes for the pin on either of Cena or Reigns, Kane stands guard for the other.

08:01 am IST – Roman Reigns goes for Kane and John Cena goes for Randy Orton.

07:52 am IST – Next up, a fatal 4 way match between John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Kane.

07:46 am IST – Dolph Ziggler eliminates Sheamus but The Miz came from nowhere and eliminates Ziggler and wins the WWE Intercontinental Champion. He was hiding near the ring all along as you can only be eliminated if you go over the top row. Useful strategy.

07:44 am IST – Only Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus remain now.

07:42 am IST – Antonio Cesaro, Bo Dallas eliminated.

07:39 am IST – Del Rio eliminated by Dolph Ziggler.

07:38 am IST – Bo Dallas eliminates Titus O’Neil.

07:37 am IST – A Brogue Kick and Ryback is eliminated.

07:34 am IST – R-Truth and Curtis Axel eliminated.

07:33 am IST – Sin Cara eliminated.

07:33 am IST – Everyone teams up and eliminates The Great Khali.

07:32 am IST – Xavier Woods eliminated.

07:31 am IST – Just before the match, Bad News Barrett comes in and sends out a bad news. Not sure what it was but it had to do something about the next champion once he is well.

07:25 am IST – Next up, The Battle Royal for the Intercontinental title.

07:23 am IST – Seth Rollins walks out to the parking area, asks the security to leave him alone. But Dean Ambrose was hiding in the trunk of the car. He attacks Seth Rollins but Rollins manages to flee.

07:20 am IST – Chris Jericho wins the match after a Codebreaker on Bray Wyatt.

07:19 am IST – Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Bray Wyatt survives.

07:17 am IST – Jericho gets his head hit on the apron, Bray Wyatt goes for the pin fall. A near fall.

07:10 am IST – The referee ejects both Luke Harper and Eric Rowan from the ring side area.

07:07 am IST – Jericho builds up momentum as he knocks down Bray Wyatt out of the ring. Goes on top of the rope and takes out all three members of the Wyatt Family.

07:00 am IST – Next up, Chris Jericho takes on Bray Wyatt.

06:53 am IST – As Seth Rollins was retreating, Dean Ambrose comes in from nowhere and attacks him. A major brawl breaks out. Triple H steps in again and asks the security to escort Dean Ambrose out of the arena for the second time in the night.

06: 50 am IST – Seth Rollins comes out and asks for win via forfeit. And he gets it.

06:47 am IST - An update by Triple H on twitter:

06:45 am IST – WWE officials were checking Swagger when Rusev manhandles helpless Swagger.

06:42 am IST – Swagger now goes for the Patriot Lock outside the ring, but Rusev counters. Due to the momentum Swagger hits the ring post and falls unconscious. Rusev wins the match after a countout.

06:40 am IST – Rusev goes for the big kick but Jack Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock! He doesn’t taps out, but the damage was already done!

06:35 am IST – Rusev gets the advantage early in the match, but Swagger fights back with β€œWe The People” chants from the audience.

06:31 am IST – Jack Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock early in the match but fails to do so.

06:25 am IST – Next up, Rusev takes on against Jack Swagger. Looks more like Russia vs USA now.

06:17 am IST – AJ Lee gets the pinfall and she is still the WWE divas champion.

06:16 am IST – Paige puts on the Paige Turner on AJ Lee but she survives.

06:15 am IST – AJ Lee locks in the Black Widow on Paige but she counters!

06:09 am IST - AJ Lee takes on Paige for the WWE divas title.

06:05 am IST – Seth Rollins was answering questions when Dean Ambrose attacked him from behind. Triple H intervenes and sends Dean Ambrose out of the arena just before their match. Now, we don’t have a match between them? Confusing.

05:56 am IST – The Usos have won it! They have won the deciding fall. The Usos are still the WWE tag team champions!

05:55 am IST – What a match so far! Nearfalls and more nearfalls.

05: 52 am IST – Winner of the second fall. The Usos.

05:51 am IST – A super powerbomb on Jey Uso. Another nearfall.

05:50 am IST – Wow. A flying Luke Harper! Would you believe it?

05: 45 am IST – Winner of the first fall. The Wyatts.

05:40 am IST – Jey Uso turned the match around and came really near several times with several nearfalls.

05:35 am IST – Wyatt Family’s Luke Harper and Eric Rowan grabs the initiative very soon in the match.

05:30 am IST – WWE Battleground kicks off with a 2-off-3 falls tag team title match between The Usos and the Wyatt Family.

Pre-Show: Cameron vs Naomi – Cameron defeated Naomi.

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