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Bill Goldberg - A gamble that could trigger large attendances at Wrestlemania 32

5.86K   //    06 Feb 2016, 17:43 IST
Could we see the showdown again?

Members of the WWE Universe do get dazzled by the imploding, exploding and resounding ambiance delivered by the constant labors put in by its staff workers. I mean, we watch it year after year, don't we?

All those rockets piercing the sky – from the ring and over the barricade – all the commotion-gripped entrances of eerie superstars who walk down the isle and all the promos delivered by the roster that seizes to leave our minds.

Now and again, WWE has managed to slip away with whatever 'rabbit they pulled out of the hat'. It’s been a year or so’s predicament, that the ratings of its glamorous brands Raw and Smackdown have trickled down like the sands of forgotten times.

Still, did that make the chairman and CEO of the company Mr.Vince McMahon budge – off course not, otherwise the past events would have and should have proved to be a validation of the above line.

The continuous decline of its popularity and people's refusal of resisting to watch its pay-per-view events have led to them looking forward to other promotions like TNA, UFC and similar sorts.

Now my question to all of the world fanatics of the WWE is that how long do you think this needs to continue before things start getting nasty for the WWE chairman?

My first paragraph of this article is just an affirmation about what's been going on in the WWE for the past couple of years.There have been no serious developments that could imbue large audiences, no new returns that could pluck the heart-out-of-the-chest and no grueling scenarios that could even tempt the likes of the random folks.

Well, my point on the aspect is, WWE doesn't seem to understand or they have become too business hungry to even attempt it. The past few months have been more or less disappointing for fans, with the year setting off with a whimpering Royal rumble pay per view and an highly-paid Hollywood actor once again returning to electrify the crowd.

Well, my reaction to the context 'Boring' because it’s the same string WWE has kept pulling for years and years now.

Just over a couple of months away lies its grandest shows of them all – Wrestlemania 32 – and WWE has yet to make up its mind on who it wants to main event on the night..If you ask me, I could produce just one name at the moment that is a gamble on the monetary front.

However, if you want to shatter records register wise, then let the ever new attitude era throw someone into the mix.

I am talking about Bill Goldberg, who is yet to make a riveting comeback into the WWE wrestling fray. Now, I am not going to recount the same violin that every media personnel seems to be playing that 'he has some sort of a rift with the boss' or that 'he hates doing business with WWE'.

For the proper cheque, he is sure to make his way down the ramp at AT&T stadium.

It could take a lot, for WWE to pursue Goldberg into giving in towards a half-year contract. However, you ask the fans and this is who they want to see at the moment. With WWE too busy with their injury list, this might prove to be a handy inclusion from the reserves.

If done at the right moment, Goldberg's momentous arrival could somehow out pass the chairman's dream of this year's Wrestlemania shattering records. With superstars like Lesnar, his wannabe (Ryback) and John Cena yet to return, the fans could just start watering their mouth once the news is official.

It’s a gamble if paid off, could bag millions. I am just talking from the people's perspective.

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