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Bo Dallas speaks about getting beaten by Brock, working with Bray Wyatt and more

Bo Dallas kept the door open about the possibility of him teaming up with his brother

News 29 Jan 2016, 16:53 IST
Dallas has some big plans for the road ahead

In a recent interview with AL.com, WWE star Bo Dallas opened up about various topics including his beatdown at the hands of Brock Lesnar, the possibility of working with his brother Bray Wyatt, and more, while promoting RAW in Birmingham, Alabama – reports wrestlinginc.com.

While discussing the Social Outcasts and Mr. Perfect, Dallas confessed that he’s been a long time admirer of Mr. Perfect and stated that his amazing feats as a performer bowled him over. Dallas also stated that he’s good friends with Curtis Axel, and that the duo are in a great place right now.

On the possibility of teaming up with his brother Bray Wyatt as a tag team or as rivals, Dallas entertained the possibility and said: "Oh, absolutely. Anything is possible. We grew up as brothers dreaming about the day we would become tag team champions. Who knows? Who knows what's going to happen?"

On the topic of Brock Lesnar, Dallas stated that he enjoyed his match with him after the conclusion of SummerSlam and stated that Lesnar was an uncontrollable and unpredictable opponent, whose moves were difficult to predict.

Dallas also labelled Lesnar as a ‘beast’, while stating that the latter is his own master when in the ring. The wrestler also described his encounter with Lesnar as ‘intense, awesome and terrifying’.

Despite being beaten by Lesnar, Bo Dallas – whose real name is Taylor Michael Rotunda – boasts of an enviable career in WWE, which began with the NXT brand and resulted in Dallas winning the NXT Championship – making him the youngest NXT Champion in WWE history.

The 25-year-old’s excellent performances with NXT earned him an appearance on RAW and eventually a place on the main roster, where he continues to rise up the ranks.

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