Brock Lesnar's Monstrous Booking Led to Rematch with Goldberg

Brock Lesnar is The Beast Incarnate
Tom Clark

Brock Lesnar is next. Goldberg is coming to Monday Night Raw and he’s expected to say yes to Paul Heyman’s client concerning a comeback match. WWE fans have been speculating on the possibility of Goldberg versus Lesnar 2 for quite some time, and now that possibility is quickly becoming a reality.

The problem is many want nothing to do with this. It’s an understandable reaction, and even the most level-headed fans can comprehend where it’s all coming from. After all, these two didn’t exactly make magic during their first match at WrestleMania 20 back in 2004.

The WWE faithful knew that both men were on the way out, and that completely changed the entire complexion of the match. The crowd didn’t care who won or lost, and neither Superstar appeared to be emotionally invested either. The whole night felt like a payday and nothing else.

But the same fans that have a problem with this rematch are perhaps missing the point. This is not about what happened before; the past is the past and there’s no changing it. The haters can decide this return bout is a waste of time, and will fail like before.

The supporters can believe this to be a shot at redemption for everyone involved, which means it has a chance to succeed. Either side may be right in the end.

However this match is more about two very important points, and both explain everything. The first is money of course; there’s a pile of cash waiting for Goldberg and Lesnar here. WWE is all about the big money match, because that’s where the excitement is. Vince McMahon didn’t build an empire by promoting small-time contests. 

Goldberg is the only man to face Brock right now

This is going to make even more money than what will be invested into it. Everyone that claims to hate the match will watch it, because that’s what fans do. When Goldberg appears on Raw, ratings are sure to spike and that will be the case when he and Lesnar finally come face to face on TV.

No matter what event features this match, that event will likely be the most watched of any this year since Mania. Simply put, if there was no money to be made, this match would not be happening.

But the second point is really the most important one. This match is happening because of the way WWE has booked Brock Lesnar. This was the only thing left, and the only idea that likely even made sense to anyone inside the company.

Brock isn’t going to face Bill just because Bill wants it. Brock is facing Bill because there’s no viable competition left for him.

Brock has been booked to the moon. He is a beast; he’s unbeatable, fighting him is a war, not a wrestling match, and he devours everyone in this path. Fans know this because they’re reminded of it all the time. WWE is quick to advertise Lesnar as the untouchable juggernaut that lives for destruction, because it’s been a hit for them. 

Brock puts eyes on the product, and it’s due to the way he‘s presented. There’s no drama in promoting a guy with 50/50 booking. If Lesnar could lose at any time to anyone, he would have no momentum and no one would care.

Fans followed Mike Tyson on the rise because they loved to watch him dominate, and because they were waiting for the man that would eventually take him down.

This is why WWE put Brock on the pedestal and why he will always be there. But just like Tyson, Brock has run through the competition. There’s no one left now. Fans talk about Kevin Owens possibly stepping up to face Lesnar, but KO is nowhere near Brock’s level right now. Finn Balor as The Demon is an interesting possibility, but he’s on the shelf.

Shinsuke Nakamura versus Lesnar would be a marquee match-up anywhere in the world, but The King of Strong Style is waving the flag of NXT. 

Samoa Joe is a great option to face Brock at some point

Samoa Joe is the only man currently on WWE’s payroll that could be a credible opponent for Brock Lesnar. This is true because it is, and because everyone else just cannot measure up to Lesnar due to the way they compare to him from a booking standpoint.

Of all the men Lesnar has faced, The Big Show is the only one that fans could argue lost for no good reason. Show was not mauled, he was not overmatched, but he’s also probably not coming back on deck any time soon.

This is what happens when a pro-wrestling company elevates a star so far out of reach that it defies comprehension. Even Hulk Hogan had moments of weakness. John Cena actually looks human from time to time. But Brock Lesnar has no equal. He has no real competition. Goldberg is back because this is all WWE can come up with.

Shane McMahon has no business getting in the ring with Brock, but he likely will at some point because WWE has no other plan in place. How could they? There’s no way to plan here. Lesnar is The Incredible Hulk, while WWE is the rest of the Marvel Universe struggling to find a way to stop him. But there isn’t one. It’s just not possible.

Brock is The Beast Incarnate. He is The Conqueror. He is all-powerful and he is indestructible. WWE has created this monster, or at the very least, they allowed him to become one. There’s no good way to move forward with him, and that’s why WWE is going to the past now.

Goldberg is the best possible option, and no matter how many fans don’t like it, that’s just the way it is.

This match may or may not work. Fans might boo Goldberg out of the building. Brock might tear through him as if he were never there, or Goldberg may counter every move and every hold from the opening bell.

Despite how it all plays out, there is no reason to believe that WWE will change the way it does business now. Lesnar is the man, and that will be the case after this match is over. WWE will see to that.

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