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WWE Rumours: WWE considering some exciting new projects for 2017

3.49K   //    18 Jun 2016, 20:28 IST
Stephanie McMahon could be a part of WWE’s 2017 projects

WWE could have some exciting shows lined up for 2017, if the WWE Fan Council Survey is anything to go by. A look at what could be in store for us in down below, reports

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has truly evolved from a mere McMahon family member to a force in her own right, and is now considered as one of the most powerful women in wrestling and one of the most inspirational of all time.

A video, detailing her journey, could be in the works.

Hardy Boyz (Match Compilation)

The Hardy Boyz are rightly considered as one of the best wrestling tag teams of all time. Here’s looking back at some of their greatest matches.

The Kevin Owens Experience

Now’s your chance to track Kevin Owens‘ every move and what makes the “Prizefighter” tick. 

Best of 1997: 20th Anniversary

A look back at the year 1997 – a golden year for WWE.

Shane McMahon Biography

Shane McMahon, son of WWE’s founding father, opens up to his hearts content in an interview.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, one of WWE’s brightest lights, up close and personal.

Cruiserweight Championship: 20 Years Later

A match compilation looking back at the legacy of the Cruiserweight Championship and the lasting impact it’s had on WWE.

The Rise of NXT / OVW

In recent years NXT has emerged as a truly formidable force, helping create the stars of the future.

Masters of the Mic

Countdown of the top 25 talkers in WWE history with some truly classy footage.

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