WWE Crown Jewel 2018: Full Match Predictions and Analysis

Things could get interesting in Saudi Arabia
Things could get interesting in Saudi Arabia

After delivering some entertaining episodes on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, WWE would be finally heading to Saudi Arabia to host the much anticipated Crown Jewel event.

While the company has been in the news lately for continuing to move ahead with the event, the fans have been quite vocal about their opinions about the entire situation surrounding the pay-per-view.

Since Crown Jewel is supposed to extend WWE's reach on global platforms, taking a clinical business decision sometimes proves to be frightful, in terms of the audience's investment.

Despite the backlash, there's no denying that the match-card has everything that you look for in an event of this magnitude and potential.

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With two of the biggest stars in the company in John Cena and Daniel Bryan refusing to participate in the event, the creative has managed to bring some legitimate changes in the match-card.

Roman Reigns' heartbreaking exit has indeed affected the main event plans for the PPV special, things could get pretty interesting with Drew Mcintyre's inclusion into the frame.

Will Crown Jewel end up being a stellar event? Will the matches that have been currently scheduled deliver what they promise?

Here are the full match-card predictions and analysis for Crown Jewel 2018.

#1 The Bar (C) Vs. The New Day for the SmackDown Live Tag-Team Championships

Easy way out for the Bar
Easy way out for the Bar

After the Big Show's intervention in the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships on the 1000th episode of the blue brand, things seem pretty bright for the Bar.

Since the New Day have been so dominant in the history of this business, their feud with the Bar has pretty much caught everyone's attention, especially with the inclusion of the Big Show.

The former World Champion's heel turn has garnered some much-needed spotlight on the Bar and could also coerce them to retain the tag-team Championships in Saudi Arabia.

There's no denying that the Big Show has a strong reputation in the Middle-East, and with the New Day getting the upper hand this week on the blue brand, it's a strong possibility that the Bar will have the final laugh.

Judging by the match-card, I definitely believe this match could end quick and might be slotted in between the World-Cup First Rounds. Hope it delivers.

Prediction: The Bar retains the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships


#2 WWE World Cup Tournament to decide the 'Best in the World'

Who will become the Best in the World?
Who will become the Best in the World?

With John Cena's reluctance to participate in the popular event, inserting Bobby Lashley in the mix could prove beneficial, considering that his heel turn could be something special.

The eight competitors include some of the most talented in-ring performers this company has ever seen, with superstars from both Raw and SmackDown competing to prove their worth as the 'Best in the World'.

While that nickname might be reserved for a certain straight-edge superstar, the encounters in this tournament could be pretty incredible, with Seth Rollins Vs. Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy Vs. Rey Mysterio likely to take place in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Judging by the tournament bracket that has been finalized and the kind of pace this tournament demands, it definitely seems that the company would go with someone that is more athletic and go the distance to perform something brilliant between the ropes.

My semi-final picks would be Jeff Hardy Vs. Rey Mysterio from the blue brand, and Seth Rollins Vs. Kurt Angle from the red brand, with Rollins and Jeff Hardy competing in the finals of the World Cup tournament.

With Shane McMahon announcing that the loser of the tournament representing blue brand might be forced to exit the show, it seems likely that maybe the Architect would be successful in outshining the Charismatic Enigma.

Semi-Finals - Seth Rollins Vs. Kurt Angle (Raw)

Semi-Finals - Jeff Hardy Vs. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live)

Finals - Seth Rollins Vs. Jeff Hardy

Prediction: Seth Rollins becomes the 'Best in the World'


#3 D-Generation X Vs. the Brothers of Destruction

Will HBK's return fare well for D-Generation X?
Will HBK's return fare well for D-Generation X?

While the booking to this match has not invoked any significant interest from the WWE Universe, the fans will still tune in to watch their favorite superstars collide against each other in what definitely feels like a 30-35 minute bout.

There's no denying that the creative has failed to hype Shawn Michaels' blockbuster return, and judging by how average the recent promos have been, this bout could last longer than you can imagine.

Since the Phenom lost the battle with Triple H at WWE Super Show-Down, it would be unlikely that the Undertaker takes the pin in this blockbuster tag-team match.

If anticipated returns are anything to take into consideration, there's no way the creative team would bring HBK to Saudi Arabia just to lose the match and go home.

His animosity with the Undertaker could come into full display on Friday, with both the teams trying everything they can to tell a riveting tale within the squared circle.

However, this match will definitely end with the Show-Stopper and the Cerebral Assassin taking Kane out and sealing the win to mark HBK's return to the business. This would certainly protect the Phenom who might come back for Michaels after Crown Jewel.

Prediction: Shawn Michaels pins Kane to win the match


#4 A.J. Styles (C) Vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship

One more time for the Samoan
One more time for the Samoan

A lot of the fans were perplexed by how the company would address John Cena and Daniel Bryan's reluctance to perform at the Crown Jewel event, and while the Cenation Leader's replacement felt illogical, the blue brand did something special tonight.

Samoa Joe's intervention in the feud has certainly brought some much-needed rejuvenation and could coerce the company to build a triple-threat feud heading into the upcoming events.

Since the Samoan attacked both the competitors after they delivered a stunning bout, the Phenomenal One's urge to square off against the Destroyer again could prove dangerous.

There's no denying that the company finds themselves in a tough spot now, and while going forward with A.J. Styles could be a great option, putting the title on Samoa Joe could have a lasting impression.

Defeating the WWE Champion is a now or never situation for the former NXT Champion, and while this might not be the popular opinion, I am taking the risk in this case and putting my money on Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship,

If logical booking is anything to take into consideration, winning the WWE Championship could open a lot of possibilities for the blue brand in the coming weeks, and would also give light to a possible showdown between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar, or Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman.

Prediction: Samoa Joe wins the WWE Championship


#5 Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman for the Vacant Universal Championship

This could be good
This could be good

Roman Reigns' heartbreaking exit has certainly shifted the landscape of Monday Night Raw, and with superstars trying to grab that top spot, Friday's Universal Championship match stands as the most significant bout for the red brand in recent memory.

While Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar have had multiple showdowns, the Beast Incarnate has always got the better of the Monster Among Men and emerged victorious.

There's no denying that Strowman's momentum is beginning to dip a little bit, and considering how Roman relinquished the title, the fans are demanding a full-time Universal Champion.

A genuine reason why I feel that this match would be interesting is because of the interferences that could happen to keep both the competitors strong.

Since an easy guess would be Drew McIntyre, the company could also go the distance and book something completely unpredictable to keep Brock Lesnar out of the red brand until he returns after fulfilling his UFC commitments.

Considering that this could be an ideal platform to pull something completely insane, I'm going with a Wyatt Family interference to stop the Beast Incarnate and assist the Monster Among Men in winning the gold.

This could keep the momentum going for Strowman and would be an ideal way to rejuvenate Bray Wyatt while keeping Brock Lesnar's character strong to close the show.

Prediction: Braun Strowman wins the Universal Champion after Wyatt Family interferes and costs Brock Lesnar the match


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Edited by Arvind Sriram
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