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Dream booking Cesaro vs Roman Reigns into WrestleMania 32

3.77K   //    02 Jan 2016, 11:30 IST

Roman Reigns has had the year of his career and currently holds the prestigious WWE World Heavyweight Championship. His rise to popularity is one that is gong to be written in wrestling history books, and he’s only going higher up the food chain from here. 

Someone else who has comparatively had the year of their career is Cesaro – who hasn’t nearly been as successful as Roman Reigns has. However, he has had a better year in WWE than anything he has had previously, which shows some sign of progress. 

One aspect that Cesaro has always had the upper hand in over Roman Reigns is that he has always been popular. Despite this, he has not been booked to rise up to the top, but there is still a possibility that it could happen. 

This article looks at that possibility. Bear in mind that none of this is rumoured, it’s just a fantasy booking. 

The roots of this are fairly simple: The Royal Rumble match. Roman Reigns should be allowed to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship heading into WrestleMania, and Cesaro should win the Royal Rumble match. 

Best for business

This is where complications arise. Both men are popular babyfaces right now, so it wouldn’t make sense for one of them to suddenly become a heel, just for the sake of this match.  

This should be face vs face. How is there some real drama then? Well, that’s simple. Have a heel in there. That might sound confusing, but a little bit of thinking outside the box could work. Instead of having one of the competitors be a heel, have an external body be one, almost like a catalyst to the whole equation. 

This external body needs to be The Authority. It’s safe to say that fans will want this match to happen. Which is a good way to have The Authority in: Make them want to evade this match.

The Authority would want one of their’s in the match, arguably Sheamus, and so would try and do anything to get Cesaro out of it. Reigns and Cesaro could be booked to both want this match to happen, in a “May the best man win” spirit, and so when Sheamus vs Cesaro for the Number One Contendership is booked for Fastlane, Reigns would be in Cesaro’s corner. 

Cesaro would go over in the match, leading to a definitive WrestleMania 32 main event, but The Authority wouldn’t be done there. 

Cesaro needs to go over

Despite not being able to take Cesaro out of the match, they would try to make it a Triple Threat, and would bend the rules a bit. However, Roman Reigns and Cesaro would have it their way, assaulting and taking out Sheamus, further enraging The Authority.

In the subsequent four weeks leading into WrestleMania, Stephanie McMahon (not including Triple H because he would likely have his own feud for the event) could try to cancel the match altogether by attempting to injure both men at separate occasions.

However, they would both support each other and McMahon would once again fall behind, only to announce herself as the special guest referee for the match one week prior. This would add a whole new level of intrigue to the match. 

What happens at the event won’t be touched upon here, this about the build-up.

What’s key is that through the whole thing, Roman Reigns and Cesaro do not shift out of character. They need to always have each other’s backs, and support each other, despite having to clash soon.

They would want to have that match simply because they want to wrestle each other. There needs to be no personal vendetta or anything as such. 

If, against all odds, WWE are planning on booking this match, this might be the best way to go about it, especially considering that at this point, neither man would work well as a heel.

The Authority needs to be greatly involved for story purposes, and the end product could be something unique and interesting. There needn’t be any doubts about the quality of the match – because that is sure to be incredible.

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