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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: 4 botches you probably missed 

There were several botches last night at Elimination Chamber
There were several botches last night at Elimination Chamber
Modified 22 Feb 2021
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WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view caused the company several headaches throughout the week, with both Lacey Evans and Keith Lee not officially pulled from the show until hours before it went live.

The show itself had just five matches, with the sixth match being added in order to replace Keith Lee when it was finally revealed that he wasn't medically cleared to compete.

It was a pay-per-view that offered very little ahead of the show but delivered much more than the WWE Universe expected.

Of course, like every other WWE pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber was streamed live. Which means that there were several botches and mistakes throughout.

#4. Asuka's open challenge that never happened?

Asuka's RAW Women's Championship match against Lacey Evans was scrapped ahead of Elimination Chamber after The Sassy Southern Belle announced her pregnancy the week before on RAW.

WWE finally addressed this on the kickoff show ahead of Elimination Chamber last night, when Charly Caruso made it appear as though Asuka would be handed another challenger. The kickoff show panel talked about who the challenger could be and it was then believed that Asuka could be defending her RAW Women's Championship in an open challenge. Many took this to believe Rhea Ripley could finally debut.

This, of course, wasn't the case since Asuka didn't even appear on the show. There was no explanation as to why The Empress of Tomorrow wasn't in attendance either. WWE just pushed forward and hoped that the WWE Universe wouldn't notice.


#3. Riddle and John Morrison completely miss the target

John Morrison was the last-minute replacement for Keith Lee last night at Elimination Chamber, when he was able to win the kickoff show fatal four-way. Morrison then ended up being the sacrificial lamb in the match that allowed Riddle to become United States Champion, whilst also keeping Bobby Lashley looking strong.

It was an intense match between the three men. But there were some awkward moments throughout. One of the most notable came when Riddle first missed the Floating Bro and Corey Graves claimed that "he didn't get all of it," before John Morrison later headed to the top rope and hardly even clipped the Champion when he delivered Starship Pain.

#2. Randy Orton is over on WWE SmackDown now?


WWE's kickoff show panel had a shocking night even by their own standards, as both Booker T and JBL made it clear that they didn't actually watch the product. JBL was asked about his predictions heading into the SmackDown Elimination Chamber and interestingly decided that Randy Orton would be the man to come out victorious.

Randy Orton was inside the Elimination Chamber, but for the WWE Championship, since he's a RAW Superstar. What is even more interesting is the fact that the other four stars on the panel didn't even correct the WWE Hall of Famer.

#1. AJ Styles' 450 Splash doesn't go to plan

The Elimination Chamber matches last night were solid throughout despite the fact that there are several elements that can often lead to issues for WWE Superstars. It appears that the only star who had issues inside the structure was AJ Styles, since his 450 Splash didn't have the rotation that he required.


The former World Champion tried to deliver the move to Drew McIntyre but it ended up looking more like a senton. Before Styles then made it clear that it was a botch when he went back outside the ropes and delivered the move again.

The second time was a charm, since Styles was able to land the Splash perfectly on the WWE Champion.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 20:17 IST
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