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WWE Evolution 2018: 3 things that should happen on Raw

Amit Shukla
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Evolve the female superstars
Evolve the female superstars

WWE Evolution is slowly approaching, but the show has not yet got a stacked card or something that could get people talking. I am not talking about the match between Alexa Bliss and Trish Stratus, because the match has a lot to prove and unless it is built well, it could be a gamble that didn't work out.

The women's only pay-per-view gave WWE a lot of cheer and fan support because everyone wants to see the women of the WWE rise and so far the company has proved it with their booking and storylines. While this is true, what needs to be understood is the fact that a pay-per-view can only strive if they have good feuds, compelling storylines and a match of great proportions on the show.

This is where WWE has taken a setback, and the current storylines have not given fans a lot to cheer about. With a match between Ronda and Nikki rumored as the main event of the show, the interest has gone down even more.

While the two wrestlers have good accolades and Nikki is a pro now, a lot needs to be proved in the ring before she gets the title shot.

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With these things in mind, let's talk about what must happen on the show to make WWE Evolution exciting:

#3 Boss-Hug Connection breaks

The Bond is Broken
The Bond is Broken

They have been friends, they have been enemies, and now they are a team. While the same isn't evident through their smiling faces, let's make no mistake about it, that the two can snap at each other in an instant. With Evolution on the horizon, it is about time that the company breaks the bond and lets them go their own ways.

This way they will build a match for Evolution as well as start a great storyline.

Isn't that what everyone wants?

#2 Alexa Bliss takes a dig at Trish Stratus

Can a table make this interesting?
Can a table make this interesting?

Alexa Bliss appeared on a recent episode of 'Table for 3' with Trish Stratus and Lita, and the conversations there were loved by all, but what if Alexa uses that as a way to build this match and talks about how she would have put Trish through the table had it not been a formal meeting.

We know that she can make anything sound as gold on the mic and if Trish wishes to show up later, or via satellite, this feud would become way better.

If this match changes into tables match at WWE Evolution 2018, then it would increase the beauty of the overall feud.

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