WWE Exclusive: NXT Head Trainer Matt Bloom discusses the WWE India tryouts, whether he'll ever wrestle again & more

Matt Bloom is spearheading the WWE talent search in India
Matt Bloom is spearheading the WWE talent search in India
Riju Dasgupta

You've known him as Albert, Prince Albert, A-Train, Tensai and Lord Tensai during his highly illustrious sports entertainment career. Currently, Matt Bloom is in charge of training the next generation of talent to work on their craft and start their journey towards becoming WWE superstars.

Sportskeeda had a chance to catch up with him, on ground, at the WWE India tryouts. This is by far the biggest talent hunt that WWE has ever conducted, with 60 men and 20 women trying to stake their claim as worthy superstars in the current roster. Here is a glimpse of the chat we had.

What do you think of the turnout in India and how it compares to every other WWE tryout you've done?

Bloom: Well, this is the biggest crowd that we've done and it's been simply amazing because we've had a lot of people from everywhere in India come together. Not a lot of them knew each other or had heard of each other. But they all came together. They may not have been friends at the start of the tryout but come Day 3 they worked so well together.

I see people that didn't know each other motivate each other. Like 'c'mon you can finish it. Like they just worked so hard together. I'm really impressed.

Do you think a pro wrestling background helps when you come in, to try out?

Bloom: Well, I think a pro wrestling background gives you a wrestling IQ. So when I ask you to hit the ropes, they understand what it takes. But when I have someone who has no background, they go really easy. But those ropes are very sturdy.

When I ask someone with a pro wrestling background person to fall on the mat, they have no problem doing it. Sometimes it helps in the sense that if they don't have a background, I don't have to break bad habits. If you have a background, I might have to break bad habits.

Do you sometimes hope you could mix it up with the talent here as well?

Bloom: Not at all. Not even a little bit. They're amazing athletes and I'm well past my prime. And probably in my prime, they'd still have beat my a**. I don't miss that at all. I find my joy in seeing a girl or guy who came here on Day 1 and couldn't do a simple somersault.

And when Day 3 happens, and they do it, I'm like yes! That's how I find my joy right now.

A lot of us in India have grown up watching you perform. Do you have a message for your Indian fans?

Bloom: I appreciate the support they've given me. Whether they booed me or cheered me, I was doing what I loved. It's been a hell of a ride and I appreciate them coming on that ride with me.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more coverage and news from the tryouts in India.

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