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WWE facing major concerns, signing more talents; Barrett injured?

Snehartho Dey
19.93K   //    14 May 2015, 10:08 IST
Are Rollins and Ambrose B+ players?

- Concerns within the WWE have emerged due to the recent RAW viewership numbers and with the slow summer months coming up ahead, many fear that the situation may worsen. One source remarked that WWE has no steam right now. There’s also a feeling that WWE is in dire need of someone who can take on the responsibility of being a megastar. Some feel it’s just the same “B+ players” featured each week, causing the WWE TV product to rough to get through.

- WWE officials are looking to sign another round of new talents, some indie wrestlers, in July. While it’s a challenge to bring in too many new talents at once, WWE feel it’s easier for new talents to adapt to the new lifestyle if they’re surrounded by many others going through the same things. Due to this, WWE is looking to sign new groups of talents every three or four months.

- King Barrett, who is considered to be injury prone, was recently seen nursing his shoulder backstage, which caused obvious concern. A source noted that it was nothing serious.

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Snehartho Dey
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