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WWE Finishers that Really, Really Need to Go - Part One.

Adam Burns
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WWE finishers can be a thing of beauty - sometimes.

The finishing maneuver is any professional wrestlers' final move of their evening. Over the years finishers have come and gone in the WWE. Some are retired, some are brought back with up-and-coming superstars under a different name and others stick around when they really, really shouldn't.

Of course, some finishers are bulletproof and almost always generate huge pops and, importantly, look like that actually hurt. Finishers like the RKO, the Styles Clash, and the Swanton Bomb are not going anywhere. Let's take a look at some finishers which really should go somewhere - ideally nowhere close to professional wrestling.

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#1. Alexa Bliss - DDT

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Alexa Bliss is awesome; her finisher is not.

Popularised by the legendary Jake "The Snake" Roberts, the DDT has existed in professional wrestling for decades. Whether it be Paige's Cradle DDT (I miss Paige as a wrestler), Randy Orton's Spike DDT or even Dolph Ziggler's jumping DDT, most wrestlers today have some variation of the DDT in their arsenal. This has had a negative impact on the move itself. Where once the DDT was a totally unique, painful-looking manoeuvre, the overuse of the move had resulted in it becoming just another move any wrestler can perform.

Alexa Bliss is amazing at what she does. Her promo work is some of the best in the company and she plays her heel character brilliantly. Whilst not at the same level as Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair, she can certainly go in the ring.

Her DDT, though, is as basic as they come. Due to her smaller stature, there doesn't seem to be much snap in the move itself and it really relies on her opponent to try their best to sell for her. There isn't much they can do with this, though. Strangely, Bliss hardly uses her secondary finisher, Twisted Bliss, anymore. This top rope dive instantly looks better than her DDT and is more believable for someone her size. Time for a comeback?

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