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Former Tough Enough contestant reveals show secrets

Aryaman Sood
6.84K   //    08 Feb 2016, 21:29 IST
‘Reality show’? I think not

On this weekend's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that he spent time with Tanner of WWE Tough Enough. Tanner apparently told Meltzer many interesting details regarding the show such as the fact that winners were NOT in fact rigged but whoever WWE wanted to win would get a better deal- have segments in which they did well air and those of others not air and so on.

Wrestling Inc. reported that Tanner talked about all sit down interviews and by extension 'fights' being scripted and having to be reshot because participants missed out on a key word, a clear sign of WWE's micromanaging which has damaged the image of superstars such as Roman Reigns with his 'tater tots' and 'sufferin succotash'.

It was obvious to him (Tanner) from the start that the WWE wanted Josh to win and he told Meltzer that the show would display each time Josh did something well, but not necessarily when other people did the same.

It was implied that WWE tried to do the same with Amanda but it backfired due to Sara Lee's immense popularity that they did not see coming. Tanner also said that he wasn't signed up by the WWE because he 'lacked the promo skills' and the company told him to make a name in MMA instead.

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