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WWE Hall of Famer condemns Roman Reigns' booking at Royal Rumble

Sudhir Bose
4.02K   //    04 Feb 2016, 21:32 IST
Believe that!

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took part in a Q & A, and talked about how Roman Reigns is being booked, and what he would have done differently. You can read the transcript in its entirety here. J.R said it wasn’t Roman Reigns’ fault for how he was being portrayed, and that WWE could’ve done better with the Samoan superstar during the Rumble match.

“Roman Reigns took more heat than he ever deserved for how he was booked at the Royal Rumble. He was a nose tackle in the ACC at Georgia Tech at 300-plus pounds, and then decided to go into the family business of pro wrestling. The thing we told him was, 'You've got to work on your body,' and I'm sure The Rock probably had some influence on that, too, but Reigns worked extremely hard and is very dedicated.

The way he was booked in the Royal Rumble was decided by management. It was executed poorly. There should have been medical staff trying to help him and he could have pushed them away, refusing a ride to the trainer's room. But the damn story was not told. And I'm not lashing out at anyone, because I don't know if that was by design or not.”

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