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WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch arrested again

Tammy might face her remaining probation term in jail


Tammy has been at the wrong side of the law numerous times
Tammy in police custody

Times seem to worsen for the first diva, Tammara 'Tammy' Lynn Sytch. Less than a week ago we reported the news of Sunny being rushed to the hospital from her home in Pennsylvania complaining of constant abdominal pain.


It was reported that her 1.5cm cyst in pancreas had grown double in size and she might have to have her gall bladder removed.


The diva has a reputation of having numerous encounters with the guardians of law mainly for drunk driving, driving under influence, skipping court hearings etc


In what comes as another such case, Tammy Sytch was arrested yesterday and is in custody at Carbon County Prison in Nesquehoning, PA. She has been arrested for violating the probation rules by now showing up for regular drugs & alcohol test.


Sytch is serving a probation period after pleading guilty of multiple DUI arrests in 2015.


In April, she avoided 90 days in jail by checking into rehab for 97 days and hence avoiding the jail time for 3 DUIs.


She got 5 years parole with bi-weekly testing, 125 hours of community service and fines amounting to approximately $2,100. The judge had made it clear that Tammy is in a zero-tolerance situation and would face the consequences if there was any slip.


She will be seeing the judge via video court for a gagnon hearing, during which the probation officer will be deciding the revocation time. There are high chances that this might be a pokey matter for Sytch because first offence is usually anywhere between 30 to 90 days in jail but there could be some changes as she is serving her probation period.


If Sytch continues to violate the probational policies her probation time can be called off and she will do her remaining time in a state prison system. Even after she is released after 30 to 60 days her probation time would amount to the remainder of the 5 years.


In September 2012, Tammy was arrested 6 times in just over 4 months including 3 times in 3 days all relating to her ex-boyfriend. Charges included disorderly conduct, assault, and 3rd-degree burglary.


She also attracted a lot of attention when she auctioned her Hall Of Fame ring on eBay.


Her autobiography A Star Shattered: The Rise & Fall of Wrestling Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch outlines her troubled past and grave health conditions.


In Feb 2016, she was advertised to appear at Sanctuary Stampede Wrestling, Hazelton, PA but couldn't make it for the even due to her prolonging health issues.


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