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WWE History: Top 4 WWE matches you must watch before you die

Pravir Rai
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The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield 
The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield 

A great wrestling match is like a stage play. There are interesting moments, epic characters, and a fascinating storyline.

However, there have been few matches in the history of WWE which can be considered to be legendary. The storylines were amazing, the fight was extraordinary, and the wrestlers put on a great show. The fans enjoyed every moment of the fights.

WWE fans indulge themselves in these sort of matches. They have their favourite wrestler(s), along with their favourite tricks, which they enjoy to the core.

We have listed four such matches which you must see before you die.

#4 Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio at Halloween Havoc, 1997

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio
Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Eddie Guerrero and his real-life friend Rey Mysterio had a long history together. They rose up together in the 1990s in WCW’s cruiserweight division but later became rivals due to a number of reasons.

For this fight, Guerrero put his Cruiserweight Championship on the line while Mysterio put his mask on the line. The battle was headlined as 'Mask vs. Title match'.

Throughout the match, they put on a magical fight, in classic lucha libre style. Latino Heat performed numerous submission manoeuvres in combination with power spots to keep Mysterio grounded. But Mysterio took every opportunity to take to the sky. Many moves such as the back flip into the DDT, spring board, and the front flip into the hurricanrana on the outside were effectively used by him.

At one point of time, Guerrero tore The Giant Killer's mask such that viewers saw his face. As the match went on, Mysterio countered the superplex into a hurricana at the last second to win the match.

There was not one boring moment in this fight. The crowd cheered The Super Duper Kid but equally appreciated the mind-blowing performance from Guerrero. Mysterio became the new Cruiserweight Champion.

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